Thursday, August 15, 2013

She's got LEGS....

Today's word prompt on the photo challenge was Feet & Legs.

I started out thinking I'd do something fun with Joe's legs.  He's always wanting to play out in the pasture.  Tonight, however, he just trotted right back to the round pen.  And did he even cooperate there?  Nope, not really.  Just stuck his nose in my lens.

Well, really, how original are horse legs, anyway?  Over half the photographers there spend their time with horses, so maybe I needed to go a different direction.  

Which direction?  Miss Henny's direction!

Miss Henny was not entirely sure why I was messing with her.  What was the attraction with her legs, anyway?  Was she pigeon toed?  Had she been walking like a duck?  

Miss Henny climbed down to take a closer look at my chicken legs.  She pointed out that I was obviously deformed.  I only had one toe!

She marched back and forth across my legs.  Where were my feathers?  Why was I taking her picture,when obviously I was the odd duck, here?  Featherless and one toed.

She pointed out (rather rudely, I might add) that my thighs were rather plump and maybe she needed to call the Colonel.  

Unimpressed with me, Miss Henny fluttered back up to what she has claimed as her perch...the barbecue.

So I used this for my photo of Feet and Legs.  It didn't stick it's nose in my camera lens or mock my chicken legs (or lack of feathered physique!)  Rather, it posed patiently and let me photograph it to my heart's content!

PS...if anyone knows who may have sculpted this?  It is called ' The Mustang', and signed B Kay.


cheyenne jones said...

ZZ Top, good song and tune! Good shots.

Unknown said...

I love the one of Miss Henny looking at her legs while you photograph them. Too cute!