Saturday, July 23, 2011


City Boy and I went to see Buck, the movie, tonight. I was worried... I'd been told by a few people that they'd seen my name in the credits, but hadn't spotted the photo I'd said would be in it. How had that happened?

So with a wee bit of apprehension I sat in the dark theater, prepared to enjoy the movie even if I didn't spot my photo. I munched on popped corn and forgot to share it with City Boy. I drank my soda. And I was drawn in instantly. What a spectacular film!

And then out of nowhere I was blindsided! What was I seeing? A black and white shot, a loading ramp with horses coming down, and who was that? That wasn't Henry, the roan. That was...that was...QUIET STORM!


Now, mind you, this is the photo they'd wanted, but I couldn't find the full resolution original, so I sent them one of Henry, thinking it was similar enough. But in watching the film I realized just why they wanted Quiet Storm...they were talking about yearlings unloading, and this photo fit with the story line.

How lucky am I? Truly...nothing more than dumb luck to have someone go digging back through three or four years of blog posts to come across a yearling unloading. Well...I'll take it, thank you very much! Dumb luck is better than no luck at all, eh?

Now, y'all check and see where the movie is playing and go see it. You will not be disappointed.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Another Day, Another Rain Drop

Will it ever stop? If it weren't for global warming, we'd be in an ice age!

Steve Holt! stayed at pony day care while we were away earlier this month. In other words, my place of work, so that someone could keep an eye on his royal pain in the patootie. Upon return, Darling thought to take advantage of the arena and saddle him up for a ride. One small problem...


...Darling didn't bring her helmet. So Steve Holt!, all dressed up with nobody to ride, got turned out for a few minutes of saddled play time. Can someone tell me why I've not sold this handsome gent yet???

As long as I had the camera, I snapped a couple of shots of Berta, a lovely little mare also looking for a home.


Berta is a rescue horse. She'd been used as a brood mare, barely even halter broke, before being sold to a family who knew nothing of horses. They left her tied to the branch of a tree, which eventually broke and she then drug it around. My employer tried a few times to get them to give the mare to her, and finally succeeded about a year and a half ago. Berta was thin, but has now gained weight along with some confidence.


Seriously...who could hurt a pretty girl like this? A little hard to catch, but once you've got her she tries so hard to do the right thing. Berta is registered with the Pinto Horse Association, and according to her registration papers, she's 25% Kiger Mustang (no wonder I like this girl!) She's also free to the right home...a place who will take the time to love and understand her.

...Sigh...I still hear raindrops pitter pattering outside my window...

Thursday, July 14, 2011


City Boy was holding his hand out at arm's length, his iphone screen showing me an image of a mustang family that looked remarkably like the last image I posted here on the Mustang Diaries. He was tapping his foot impatiently.

"Where have you been? How am I to know what you're up to if you're not posting?"

Yes, well, um...

I don't know what to tell you, except I've just gotten busy.

And then there's Facebook. I do tend to stop in there for a chat now and again, but even that has dwindled a bit as I spend more time outdoors with my ponies and friends. You know, flesh and blood, they yelp if you poke them with a sharp stick friends? Y'all are my friends, too, but no matter how hard I poke, the only thing that yelps is City Boy because he's not happy with my poking this screen here on my desk.

So...where were we?


Kitty is going well for me these days. I've worked buffalo the past couple of weeks! I have a confession...I peed my pants. (Is that what you wanted to read, City Boy?)


We took a little family trip over the weekend of the fourth. It's been years since the four of us went anywhere together. Our first stop was Lewiston, ID, along the snake river. We then traveled down into Oregon along the Nez Perce Trail. Beautiful, breathtaking, idyllic... And no wonder they were able to play keep away from the US Cavalry for so long!



Bronze sculptures line the street in Joseph, Oregon.

Our last night was spent in Astoria, Oregon, at the mouth of the Columbia River. We spent the night watching fireworks, made a quick stop in Seaside, then headed back home.

Darling jumps Steve Holt! on the beach

Oh, quit your whining! You didn't think I could hear you, did you? Well, here's a little wild pony update for ya!


Both of the girls have been for trailer rides, and nothing much phases them. Rep made it to the riding club where Darling attempted to make her into a trick pony. "Jump through the hoop, Rep!"

As for Mr. Holt!, I have someone coming to look at him tonight. Put on your positive energy caps, internet buddies! I need to find this boy a home.