Saturday, October 13, 2012

Where does the time go?


Shame be to me for ignoring you for so long!  Where has the time gone?  I must have been dreaming again.  And you know, when I dream...well...I dream wild!

Last month City Boy and I took a little road trip to my favorite destination; Harney County!  I was, naturally, in heaven.  Absolute heaven...except for one little thing.  City Boy decided we were not bringing the horse trailer with us.  

Say, what???

No trailer is an issue, because it simply means I will need to return, because of course I will see a horse that I simply must have and bring home.  Right?  Indeed!  Little Chase, the three year old gelding, found an adopter.  Impulse, too...she left this morning.  Grace has been sold and will be going shortly, and that rascal of a blue eyed pony, Spud Muffin, has found a home with more ponies and will soon be pulling a chuckwagon.  

I know, right?  It's been a long time and I've not shared nearly enough information with you!  I'm so bad.  But just look at that gelding there...he's only a yearling, and a moose!  I needed to make room for him...but where is my horse trailer?

Back to Harney County.  There have been fires and droughts and emergency gathers of wild mustangs, meaning the holding facility is filled to the brim with countless lovelies who are simply calling my name.  How, I ask you, am I to leave here without one?  Where is that horse trailer?  What was City Boy thinking?  Is that not just the most adorable little cremello pony mare up there?  Oh, I'd have died for her as a child.

And this adorable face.  Is that an adorable face, or what?  Who says mustangs have big jug heads?  They didn't meet this sweet filly, to be sure.  She came to the fence.  She visited with us.  She wanted to load into a trailer...she did!  I promise you!

I can't quite say that for the boys below.  They were newly gathered and just a little nervous.  But boy, some beauties there for sure, and in a couple of months they'll be settled in and following hay wagons just like they've always done it.

Yes, several horses of all different sizes and colors to fall in love with.  My trailer, City Boy?  Look at this family, here.  I have a three horse trailer...I could bring all three home!  If my trailer was here, that is.

Seriously...why not just stick a knife in my heart?  Will you look at this filly?  To die for.  Truly!

You know how it feels when you've eaten too many chocolates?  Well, I sure do.  You get woozy and a little sick to your stomach.  Not so when viewing mustangs.  You can never see or have too many.  Ever.

Hold everything!!!

Who is that?  Oh, my...who is that?  Gulp. Gasp.  Sputter.  I'm feeling more than woozy.  My knees are weakening.  My mouth is dry...where did all the air go?

Now, this...this is what I'm here for.  Long legs, shapely hips, and those flirtatious eyes!  Uh huh...this is the one.  There is no doubt in my mind.  This is my horse.

Trailer!  My kingdom for a horse trailer!  Well, I have no choice.  She came to the fence.  She sniffed me.  She's left her mark.  I must return.

 To be continued...