Friday, June 22, 2012

Spud Muffin

I'd like to introduce you to the newest member of the herd, Spud Muffin!  A tiny tot of a three year old pinto pony, Spud was found at auction in Spokane.  He'd been hauled in with about 20 ponies from the reservation.  Our blogging friend Lea found him, and  when City Boy and I were there a couple weekends ago, we simply couldn't resist, and Lea sent him home with us.  Are we lucky, or what?

Spud is a diminutive 11 hands, and has two blue eyes.  He's relatively unhandled, but wants to be a good pony.  He leads and loads into a trailer, and Lea says he picks up all four feet (something I've not done yet, but should soon since his feet will need trimming before long!)

Tika does not like Spud at all.  I thought perhaps she would consider him a baby,  but that is not the case. 

I think that we'll use Spud for some children's photography sessions.  You know, like the old Olan Mills traveling pinto pony portraits?  Of course, we've got a bit of training to do first!  But I think Spud is one pony who  will earn his keep around this place.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Four Rides on Mighty Maxine

Non stop rain has slowed things down here just a bit, but it's time to get the lovely Max moving forward in her training.  

Since being adopted last spring, we've done relatively little with her outside of initial gentling.  I did toss  the saddle on her back at one point over the winter, but mostly she's just been allowed to hang out and become who she is...a pest.

Maxine was the shyer of the two yearlings last  spring.  Rep warmed up to me much faster than Max did, but it was apparent pretty early on that while Max  may take a little more coaxing, once she knew what was expected, she would do it without complaint.  And that has made training much easier than many horses I've come across.

A few weeks ago, Darling climbed onto Max for the first time.  I led her in a couple of circles, but that was as far as it went.  The rains came and the riding ended.  Last week, with no one else home, I took advantage of a sunbreak and climbed aboard the filly and asked her for a little movement.  She turned a circle or two, mostly pivoting on the forehand as she followed the rein.  After a few tries, I did get her feet unstuck and got a small circle out of her.  I called it good and hoped we'd start to string together a few nice days.

Nope. Rain.  But Darling did manage to sneak in a ride when we hauled Max down to the Cowboy's  inside his covered round pen.  Maxine did quite well in the new location.  Some horses would have gotten twitchy or downright spooky, but not our girl.  A few circles on the lunge line and up went Darling.

Today marked Maxine's fourth ride, and she came off the lunge line for the first time.  Walk, trot, stop, back up.  This filly is working really nicely, with a naturally low head and very nearly vertical; I don't know, but she may make a great bridle horse at this rate!

I'm really looking forward to seeing how Maxine progresses this summer.  With any luck, she'll be hitting the trail for a short ride or two before the end of summer!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mumble Jumble

I received a message.  "Blog.  Ahem."  Oh, yeah...that thing.

 So to catch you up to speed...and to get myself back on track, here's what's happened this past month while I've been seemingly invisible.  

First, I spotted Ranch Girl's comment on facebook about giving up her beloved roan mare, and I couldn't resist teasing her a bit and letting her know she could replace it with a mustang.  Of course, if you know Ranch Girl, you know that her sister, Paint Girl, has already adopted a mustang (Chance), so it would be only natural to add another to the family, right?  Right!

It really took no convincing at all to get the sisters up to my part of the state to visit with none other than little miss Bad Reputation.  It was, of course, love at first sight.  How could it be anything but?  

A week later, Darling and I were in the truck, hauling our pretty little girl to her new home, where a happy Ranch Girl awaited.  

Aren't they cute together?  Ranch Girl is so tiny, she makes Rep (now called Luna) look big!  

While we were there, Ranch let the ranch horses out to pasture, giving Darling and I an opportunity to photograph some very excited equine on their way from dry lot to green grass.  I must admit, I was just a little jealous of the picturesque setting on that there ranch!

Of course, the ponies at home let me know that there are plenty of opportunities to photograph them in the summer sun as well, if only I would take the time.  Twas a brisk, early morning a few days later when I heard the thunder of hooves and saw the mare herd acting all rambunctious like.  I snatched up the camera, hoping the action didn't come to a screeching halt before I snapped a few.  No need to worry...they were on a roll!

Okay, Tika...I agree!  Nothing in Ranch Girl's pasture compares to you.  Silly me, what was I thinking?  But it was fun to visit with her just the same.

After frolicking and cavorting most of the morning, the youngsters decided it was time to relax.

I was intending to take photos of Darling and Max...but someone named Spot stole the show!

Copy Cat?  Can't let Spot get the better of him, I suppose.  Creamsicle finds a shady spot to hide in.  Silly Maxine could care less.

Try as we might, we could not convince Max it was time to wake up from her nap and go to school.  Yawn...sleepy redheads!

Maxine had her first ride, short and sweet.  I'd climbed up onto her back a couple of times, but waited for Darling to do the actual first ride (nice of me, huh?  Put my kid on the horse in case it bucks?  What are mothers for?)  It was rather uneventful, which is how we like them.  It has rained since then, so until we get some more free time and sunshine (on the same day), Max is once again on 'rain' vacation.

What?  You gonna try to ride me next?