Friday, January 1, 2010

And That's How My Last Day of 2009 Ended

I wish I could say we had a lovely view of the blue moon last night from the Pacific Northwest. view was nothing more than this...


It almost looks like snow, doesn't it? But it's not. It's nothing more than wet grass, reflecting the light shining from the porch lights.

And that's how my last day of 2009 ended.

But it's not how it began. It began with my feeding horses, then driving Darling to the doctor. She's been struggling with sinuses and breathing, so we decided to check to see if asthma may be the culprit. She isn't raspy or rattly, which is what I associate with asthma, but she does struggle to get enough air once she begins to exert herself. We came home with an inhaler and vague instructions on how to use it. Her first comment to her online groupies was, "Yes, I inhale."

Since we both had our cameras with us, we decided there was no time like the present to make a trip to the park and do a bit of pre-moonlight shooting.


This park has been a favorite family haunt for generations. My dad and uncle grew up across the street from it. They fished at the very first kids fishing derby there (my uncle won the bamboo fishing pole and still has it.) My father used to drag us kids down to the falls here to fish. We weren't very old...maybe six and nine?...and Dad would haul us down the hillside, cross behind those boulders to the left, and we'd end up on those rocks right beneath the water. My sis would be left on the little flat rock, which is completely invisible in this shot, while I'd stand on the bigger rock right under the water with my dad's arms around me and my line dangling down in a deep pool beneath the falls. This is where I learned to tell fish stories. Wanna hear about the one that got away?

As we drove down the quiet country road towards home, a doe jumped out into the road in front of us. And where there's one...there are usually two. Sure enough, this spring's baby trotted out after momma, crossing the road and off towards the woods on the other side.


And if that wasn't just too much excitement to send the old year out with (yawn) I fell asleep on the couch while Darling watched a movie. At 11:40 she rattled me to a groggy state and sent me out onto the porch step so I could take my new year's photo. A soggy night in the northwest.

So much excitement...I probably put you to sleep before you even finished reading! Hopefully, the Mr. Linky thingie will work in this cut and paste I'm attempting! That way you can see who else tried to take blue moon photos, probably more successfully than me!

1. Tracey
2. risingrainbow
3. Becky
4. Jane
6. Shirley
7. Angie
8. Kristi
9. You're next!
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Happy New Year, everyone!


Rising Rainbow said...

I have to admit I fell asleep. Totally missed the new year's entrance and the blue moon party. However, the last time I did check outside, I had far less light available than you. The cloud layer was so thick and this place is really dark at night anyway. So much for my attempt at participating. I am a dud!!

Happy New Year, Tracey!

Tracey said...

We're getting old, my friend. Duds R Us. I say, let's have next year's party at noon!

Rising Rainbow said...

Now there's a thought, I was definitely awake then! LOL

jane augenstein said...

Ahhhh, beautiful waterfall picture! I didn't get one moon shot and I was up until 1:30 hoping....but for not! Even tonight, no!
Have a great year!

Shirley said...

That's a great waterfall shot, makes up for no moon!

Pony Girl said...

No blue moon for me....I was at a party with some friends. It was fun. Miserable night though, weather-wise, eh? No moon to be found for miles! Bummer! The deer was a great capture!! A blessed 2010 to you and your family, Tracey!

Becky said...

FAIL. :( I forgot my camera. I had a great shot, too... I was down at the Kern River in Central California, watching the yellow moon rise above the mountains... shining on the backs of the horses as they grazed by the river.... :(

Not that I would have been able to capture that. What you would have seen was a yellow blob against a dark blob, with some darker blobs with their heads down. Still... I'm bummed I signed up and then forgot the stinking camera. Booo! said...

Ciao from Italy