Thursday, January 7, 2010

Technology Challenged Loser's, Raise Your Hand!

Darling is having fun with my new video camera.

What, you say? Did she steal my video camera???

I know. First my horse. Then my other horse. Then my still camera. Now my video camera! But in truth, my computer doesn't have the horse power to run the program that is needed to actually create videos from this camera, so I'm completely dependent, once again, on that teenage punkster of mine. Dang, how I hate being held hostage!

So the video you see is from the other day, and not of yesterday's super wonderful lovely ride of Sandy working the bull. I am forced to wait for Darling to 'feel like it' before I see an edited video. And to make matters worse, my memory stick is now full of videos from the past few days, and I have no clue how to remove them! I am such a technology challenged loser... I need to go ride.


wilsonc said...

My hands up and waving! I struggle with the new technology all the time. DH doesn't have the time, patience, or skill (sorry honey) to sit down and teach me. His method is for me to get up and let him do it for me...did I mention that he doesn't have the time?

Mrs Mom said...

*Hands Waving Wildly*

Amen to that Tracey. Folks have asked for video of Sonny with me riding... yeah fine. We can get the vid-- but do WHAT with it after that? .... har dee har har... y'all got to be joking- you want it loaded online??? HAHAHAHAHAHA

*wiping tears*

At least you can get your videos online for us to see!! ;)

Mrs Mom said...

Hey you got any of that world famous Mudnuer Facial Scrub bottled? Maybe I'd be better off trying to sell that for you, instead of trying to learn how to post video online....

Tracey said...

Wilsonc...same problem here! City Boy thinks I can learn by watching him. That simply does not work for my wee pea brain!

Mrs...I've got something else in the works... :)

Breathe said...

I'm a gadget geek since I was little. I'll try to send you some nerdiness over the internet.


cdncowgirl said...

I have both hands raised and I'm waving them wildly! lol