Monday, January 18, 2010



It's been awhile since I've given you an update on the Beautiful Wadatika. Training has been spotty...a bit on again, off again for this girl. Three or four days a week seems to be enough to keep her tuned up as well as gain a little ground here and there. She displays every bit as much Tika-tude today as she has since the day she arrived. Neither City Boy nor Darling like her much as she pins her ears and flashes her teeth at them while I'm not around. Or at least that's what they say!

Despite her one person personality, I have high hopes for this mare. She's quick, both mentally and physically. If she doesn't understand something, she may jump to the side, but she quickly turns back towards me and tries to evaluate what it is we're up to and the appropriate response. There is still fear and apprehension in her eye as we work through a lot of the basics. Despite that, she willingly stays with me and does her best. She gives me all she has and then some.

I must say I'm particularly proud of her trailering! Not only is she walking in and out with both doors wide open, she'll walk into the trailer with one door closed. That's a narrow opening, don'cha know? The other day she even let me send her in while I stood on the outside. She's also loading and hauling with other horses now, just like a pro!

Tika's biggest hang up comes in the form of me walking behind her. This sends her into a jumpy, jittery mode with her hiney bouncing to the left or right, depending on which side I'm heading for. It's getting better, but makes it rather difficult for me to work on some of the ground training basics I'd like to get in place. Basics such as being able to stand on her left side, reaching my arm across her back and lifting up the right rein, then pulling her head to the right so that she'll turn all the way around and face me. To do that, her butt needs to swing beneath my arm, and she simply isn't willing to do that yet. Until she can trust me there, I won't be climbing on.

Feet are another issue here, though this past week she's decided it's okay to allow me access. A good thing, too, because Jay is supposed to be here today to do a few trims. I doubt she'll allow much to happen, but if I can even get the nippers to take off some of the length on the front, I'd be ever so happy. She's clipping herself at the trot, so getting those front feet picking up a bit sooner will do worlds of good.



Linda said...

You must have a farrier sent from heaven--always doing your newbie Mustangs! LOL. Sounds like she's bonded heavily with you. Interesting that she jumps around in the back like that--I guess that shows she knows you're the alpha mare. ;)

Pony Girl said...

I think sometimes mares like to be all bark and no bite. There is a mare, my "ex favorite" (I am always picking favorites!) at Paint Girl's barn that looks like evil when you approach her stall, but she's not as bad as she seems. I love the fuzzy fur shots you got of her. I am glad you are finding potential in her and I'm curious to hear how the farrier appointment goes.

Tracey said...

Jay didn't show up. Sigh. Constant problem with him, unfortunately. He's great with the horses so we put up with a bit of farrier flakiness. Wonder if hinting that Tika was in the mix scared him off, eh? LOL!

wildhorsefever said...

Sounds a lot like my mustang mare. She is getting better about someone being behind her and her front feet are good, but still a few issues with the back ones. It is like she is three different horses! The left side is good to the middle of the back, the right side (to the middle of the back) is tolerable and the hind end is still pretty shaky. But, she is coming along better and better each day!

Tracey said...

WHF, I know the feeling. I've had some that have been downright kookie like that, lol! Tika is better with her hind than rear. Strange, eh?

Megs said...

The more you post of her, the more I think she could be Penny's twin! Are you going to keep her? Sounds like she might want to keep you!

Shirley said...

I guess your daughter won't be stealing this one on you!

Tracey said...

Megs, I think you're correct about her wanting to keep me, lol!

Shirley, so funny you should say that as Darling just said the other day, "This is the only pick I've made that I've been disappointed with." Nope, no horse thieving this time around!