Sunday, January 17, 2010

And the Winner Is!

Congratulations, Black Feather Farm, on your winning submission!


"Shadows Rising"

Pop me an email and I'll send out your photo!

Thanks to everyone who made a suggestion. As usual, it was a tough choice and I found my self struggling with all the wonderful entries. I'll undoubtedly have another to offer next week because my wee wittle brain cannot fathom coming up with enough clever titles for all the photos I take. Partnering with y'all seems like the best idea (at least for me!)

And just WHY do I need your help? Well, you see, I've discovered this fun little place where I can upload my work, and then it's available to friends like you, family members, and complete strangers to purchase online. It's called Red Bubble, and they'll make note cards, framed prints, and even posters (if my images are large enough when sent.) Total fun!

So far I've uploaded about a dozen photographs. This week some of my work has been featured in a couple different categories, such as Wild West and Cowboy/Cowgirl Art!



If you're looking for some great western art and want to benefit wild horses at the same time, please consider making a purchase from my page at Red Bubble!


GunDiva said...

You have beautiful pictures. I just love all of them. I'll be checking out your page.

cdncowgirl said...

LOVE that silhoutte pic :)
(hope I spelled that right, my brain has gone to sleep - loooong day lol)

Shirley said...

Me too, love that sunset silouhette!