Wednesday, January 20, 2010

When the Wind Blows...


Forget about the cradle...around here, when the wind blows the mustangs will rock!


Tika watches with interest as the boys get to revving it up.


She lets the know she can fly just as high as they can!

We had some pretty good winds over the past couple of days and the horses were feeling mighty spunky. Despite high spirits, we accomplished a lot with our fiery little girl...and the boys, too! This weekend they all did something new, and they did it together, too. I put the second divider back into my horse trailer and hauled all three to the arena at the same time. I wasn't sure how any of them would take being squeezed into a narrow space, since they'd never done it before, but all took it in stride. I was especially pleased with Tika, who can still get a bit nervous over feeling pressured, but she's ridden in the front slot quite nicely.

Sandy and I also took Tika out on her first trail the other day. Just one simple loop around the tree farm, but that required her to walk over a few fallen branches, brush up against low hanging limbs, and walk a good 100' through 8" deep water that had flooded the trail. She's coming right along!

Now I need to run. Off to another bull session!


PaintCrazy said...

I just love that Tika with her wild dreadlocks mane!

gtyyup said...

Look at those Wild kids! Can never have too much fun!

NoviceLife said...

What a great photo of the boys! My boy gets the same way :) I love it!

Mrs Mom said...

LOL... "bull session"... Tracey, if we didn't know you better, that could seriously make us wonder ;)

Hope it was a great ride!!!

Pony Girl said...

Ah yes, the wind always gets them riled up! :)
Glad to hear you hit the trails with Tika! I told PG that once her filly is under saddle, we'd do little mini trips on the trail, even just down the road and back. We'll take her out with steady eddy My Boy, who should be a calm figure for her to be with.

Paint Girl said...

That is so great that you got Tika out on the trails!! I keep telling my sister that I need a horse that I can safely pony Chance with. My 2 crazies would put some bad ideas in her little head, so maybe that boy of my sis's could do the job!

cdncowgirl said...

WOW you're boys are in good shape! Just look at how ripped they are in that pic... very impressive, especially in the winter!

S said...

I'm glad someone else brought up the "bull session"............LOL we do know that with T. it could've been either or. Hope you had a great time.