Sunday, January 17, 2010


Today I went in search of photos that would evoke an emotional response from you. This is today's Sunday Stills assignment. Make your readers cry. Or laugh. Or scream with fear. Not in those words, necessarily, but that's what I interpreted it to mean. And you know, with the thousands upon thousands of photos that City Boy is always complaining about me saving here on the hard drive, you'd think it'd be easily done. Certainly there are plenty that have made me weep...but that's not the assignment. It's to conjure up an emotional response in you. And predicting you is like predicting which way the wind is going to blow next, or whether or not it's raining in the front yard even though you don't see any in the back. Kinda crazy hard to do some days. But I'll give it my best shot.


This really is difficult. The above image, for me, stirs up a desire to send City Boy to the kitchen and make me some great tasting food to eat. Is this an emotion? Or hunger? Is hunger an emotion? I don't think so. However...


...I really lust after a bowl of chocolate topped ice cream. But see, that's me. And I need to shake an emotional response out of you. So lets check out my next selection. (Ahem...I need you to back away from the ice cream.)

Perhaps this next photo will spark some emotion?


I call it "Two Young Lovers with Nothing Better To Do"

Or this?


Embarrassing Moments in a dog's life brought to you by the Mustang Diaries

Perhaps a trip to the barnyard will get you all teary eyed?


Help! I can't find the light switch!


Hey, look, it comes with it's own ball of yarn!


Don't hate me because I am beEWEtiful...

Okay. I give up. You'd better go visit the other Sunday Stills folks to see what they came up with. But before you leave, scroll down to the post below and enter your caption suggestion for the photo posted, please!


Anonymous said...

Many of your shots instilled happiness and laughter. Thanks. :)

Mrs Mom said...

LOL You got me Tracey. A heavy dose of LUST for that chocolate ice cream on my part too! ;)

But the little lambies made me giggle. Too cute!

Patches said...

Oh my goodness! Those are some funny shots! That slug makes me want to grab the salt. Ick! And those tacos make my mouth water. I may have to run to the store now so I can make tacos for dinner tonight. ;)

Anonymous said...

lol @ the sheep with its head in the bag :) so funny!

Tracey said...

Glad to put smiles on your faces. The slug??? Well, those are two slugs doing the naughty naughty while hanging from my screen door.

Can we have one, but, collective 'euw!!!'

jane augenstein said...

Tracey, great pictures. love the little lamb in the sweater, too cute! the nasty slugs, the salt shaker for sure!!! That what i do with them, slimy critters, ick is right! LOL

Horses Are Our Lives said...

you got me with the ice cream! ugly slugs! yuck! lambs are adorable. some of the others made me laugh!