Monday, January 11, 2010

And the Winners Are...

Wow. Just Wow. There were some really terrific offerings for this weekends naming contest. I really had to sit, ponder and think this through. Coming up with one winner for one photo would have been tough enough, but four? Yikes!

Here are your winners:


"Searching for a Safe Haven"


"Far Away Dream"
Jane Augustein


"Dust Devils"
Pony Girl


"Going Home"

Okay, your responsibility as a winner is this; in order to claim your prize you must email me. See over there in the right column? Between the little baby Hay Burner button and the blue Awards? It says 'Email Me'. Click it, and email your address to me so I can mail your photos.

And thank you all for joining in! It really was difficult to select the winners. But it was fun, eh? Lets do it again. I need people to write greeting cards for me. I'll come up with the design, you come up with the little ditty for the inside. Then you'll see it for sale somewhere, and you can point it out to all your friends and family, and say, "Hey, look! I wrote that!", and they'll say, "Really? Do you get paid to write little ditties for greeting cards?", and you'll answer "No, but the Desperate Horsewife uses the money to go out scouting trips to see the wild horses and bring them home and find adopters!" And they'll be so impressed. Or not. But we'll have fun doing it just the same!


jane augenstein said...

Oh, Goodie, Goodie, I won, I won!!!
LOL can you tell I'm excited??? Oh, thank you so much!!! :-)

aurora said...

Grreat choices, I like them and they all fit better than what I came up with! It was fun playing along.

JeniQ said...

OHhh My FIRST blog contest win!!! Thank you very much!


Pony Girl said...

Oh, how cool! I really needed a cheer-up today since I've been feeling so miserable, and I'm so excited to win one of your prints!!!

Tracey said...

I'm so glad y'all are excited! All of the entries were wonderful, and I got a smile out of the trends and how people's minds thought alike in terms of what they felt when looking at a photo...eye to the soul, escape, long was very interesting! Hope y'all play along again next time!

photogchic said...

Yeah to the winners.

Linda said...

They all go great with the pictures!! So creative--congrats!!