Thursday, December 31, 2009

Blue Moon Party!


For some of you, it's nearly here! Don't forget the Blue Moon New Year's Party! Just sign up using the Mr. Linky on the Blue Moon post. Then take photos of the moon as 2009 comes to a close and 2010 shows up!

Can't see the moon? No problem. Just take what you can and show us what it looked like in your part of the world as the new decade dawned. Heck, it's raining here, so no clue what will end up in front of my lens, but I hope to have some fun with it!

If you're reading this and haven't got a blog, but would like to participate, I've also got a Flickr group page set up just for your New Year's photos! Just create your own Flickr account (if you've not already got one), upload your photos to your page, then join the Blue Moon page.

Looking forward to seeing what you manage to shoot tonight. And Happy New Year, y'all!


jane augenstein said...

Well, the New Year is here in Ohio but no moon in sight. I did take some pictures of our pine tree with some sparkly rain drops on it! and our colored lights on the porch....does that count? LOL

Anonymous said...

It was so bright last night I know that old moon was out there somewhere. My old camera never does too well with moon shots. :)
Happy New year.

Angie @ Ranch Dressing said...

Happy New Year! I'm some 14 hours late with my wishes from the east coast, but I still mean it. No moon was seen here but how 'bout a baby in a bikini?

AKPonyGirl said...

The moon was beautiful last night here in Alaska and I *think* I got a decent picture. However, it was on my phone. The chip needed to download the pictures is in my daughter's phone at the cabin. When she gets back this afternoon I'll upload the picture for your blog and mine.