Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Steve Holt! visits the Vet


Today, Steve Holt! went to the vet. I've noticed that he's got an eyelid that appears to be a bit puffy, and when you look at him straight on, only one eye seems bright and wide open.


He does not appear to be bothered by it. His spirits are just the same as they've always been; he's goofy and and curious and enjoys life. He eats and pees and poops (important things, it seems, as these are the first questions out of both the vet tech and the vet's mouth upon visiting the clinic.) So what is wrong with our dear mustang?


Darling led Steve Holt! across the pavement and into the clinic, where the Good Doctor Plotts was waiting. He asked the pertinent questions, to which we answered yes, he's eating and peeing and pooping. He offered Steve Holt! a treat, which of course is what my ponies have come to expect from the man in the green jumpsuit. It was consumed vigorously, a good sign according to the vet, as it meant he was chewing without pain (although he added that horses can be stoic creatures...but the treat was hard and there was no hesitation at all with the chompers.)

A quick look at the teeth, and the Good Doctor Plotts pointed out that the 3 1/2 year teeth were coming in...and the baby teeth falling out. The left side had already been lost and new one in place, but the one on the right was loose and wiggly. No time like the present for a quick removal!


Sheesh! I wish it were that easy for us!

Next, it was time for the temp to be taken. No real reason to think he had any sort of abnormalities in this department, but it didn't hurt to take it, said the doc. Steve Holt!, however, was not convinced and attempted a little Irish Jig. Not one to like his toes tap danced upon, the Good Doctor Plotts ushered our youngster into the stocks where he had little choice but to stand and tolerate the less than dignified rectal thermometer. Okay...so I'll give up the easier dental program for the thermometer under the tongue.


Once in the stock holder, the lights dimmed and our vet become an opthamalogist. Did I spell that correctly? A little light was shined into his less than happy eye, which was even less happy since the light began shining, and an equine opthical exam began. No flash photography, please.

A second vet came out to take a look. It seems whenever I'm at the vet, it's for an eye issue and I end up with multiple vets. Sandy had that lovely little laceration going, but Steve Holt! was not so serious. In the end, they suspected a mild case of herpes that was bothering him. Something he'd had from foalhood, and would have his entire life. Probably never bother him more than it was right now, they concluded, but if it should, and if I saw that his pupils were looking off, definitely call. Oh, and get him some over the counter tear stuff, because he has a dry eye.

And that was that. Steve Holt! was loaded back into the trailer and hauled home, where he promptly dunked his face into the cool tub of water waiting for him, undoubtedly washing out the last bit of bloody flavor left on his tongue from the unexpected dental exam.


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cdncowgirl said...

Glad to hear it isn't too serious. But is it contagious?

Tracey said...

I asked that same thing, and was told that yes, in theory, it is. In reality? They'd have to be getting awfully chummy, eye to eye, and the vet said he'd never seen anyone pass around anything like this in all his years of practice. Since I first noticed it earlier this month, and no one else has shown any signs, I think we're good. Hopefully!

Pony Girl said...

They can tell that without doing a culture (that it is herpes?) Interesting! I wonder how my horse would react to going to the vet clinic. He doesn't do well when they come to him. I imagine entering a building that completely smells like vets and medicine would send him over the edge, LOL!
I'm glad SH is okay!!

PaintCrazy said...

What a perfectly wonderful, uneventful, vet visit! I LOVE that kind!

Tracey said...

Pony Girl, that's a good question about the culture...didn't even think of that. They put dye in it and did all sorts of things. Really couldn't see much except something that led them to believe it may be a mild form of herpes. So I dunno? They've got a lab on site, so maybe they did the culture while I was napping?

PaintCrazy, me too! Uneventful is good!