Sunday, December 6, 2009



City Boy sent me an email the other day letting me know about a photo contest being sponsored by Troxel. Great! Sounds like fun. I figured I'd haul Sandy over to my friends place and let him get acquainted with the cattle and an open field on Saturday, then Sunday we'd return and Darling could ride and I'd get some photos.

It was bitterly cold, and we didn't last long. Sandy was more concerned about the fact that there was grass beneath his feet that the cattle had yet to rip out by the roots (which, of course, cattle don't do) than he was the brisk air or cattle milling about. I asked him to move in and out of the herd, and even separated a calf or two while we were at it. Piece of cake. Which is just the way I wanted it.


Come Sunday, Darling took one trip out to the barn and came back in questioning if we really needed to go to Beanie's and play cowgirl. Too cold, she insisted. I didn't put up much of a fight. As much as I'd have loved to submit a photo that was out of the norm (lets face it, cow work is done in cowboy hats...not helmets), I couldn't deny that I was happier indoors.

Which is why I was surprised when, this afternoon, Darling jumped up and asked, "You want pictures with the red dress?"


So off trotted my model as I bundled myself up and gave Steve Holt! a quick brushing. I pulled out the red bronc halter that Curt had gotten me last year for Christmas and slipped it onto the mustang's head. Boy, did he look handsome!


Then out came Darling, looking all festive and beautiful, red lipstick to match her dress and her pretty cowboy hat perched atop her head.


We turned Steve Holt! so that his brand faced the camera, and Darling went to work, kissing and hugging and propping herself against her horse. I just stood back and click, click, clicked away as my child stood there, no coat, in air that was well below freezing, doing what she does second best...pose for the camera.


I may need to turn this into a Christmas card. And what do you think; does she need red boots.


Paint Girl said...

Oh my goodness, she had to be freezing out there!! BUT, the pictures turned out amazing!! Yes, it would make a wonderful Christmas card, and yes, she needs red boots!!

Shirley said...

Yes to all ! Red boots and a Christmas card! Bravo for posing in the cold, Darling, you sure warmed it up!

Mrs Mom said...

Tracey, Darling is sure growing up. She looks beautiful. (So does Steve Holt!) I like the boots she has on-- but being one who is so incredibly "fashion challenged", you might want to listen to other folks there.

And YES!! ANY of those would be wonderful Christmas Cards!!!

Shari said...

She is growing up!!!

Stunning Captures Tracey! Would make the perfect Holiday cards!

Shari said...

Oh.. and I had to share this on FB. ;O)

Hoof'n It said...

I am so behind on blogs! But I got back just in time! WOW! What beautiful pictures! Like Mrs. Mom, I am 'fashion challenged'...and I say keep the boots she has on. The dress gives the dazzled up side while the boots say she is true to who she is. :-)

Karen and Tripp

Lea and her Mustangs said...

Yes yes yes red boots. What a wonderful Christmas Card. You are so talented with the camera Tracey. Nikki and I are going to do the 30 day challenge of pictures in January. I need some words. I have some but some are pretty6 dumb

Connie Peterson said...

Yes, red boots would look awesome. Lovely Christmas card ... how brave to be out there like that .... I certainly would never had, even in my younger days.

Becky said...

I think the boots she has on are what make the picture... red boots ,with the red of the dress AND the lipsstick would be overpowering--- that teal and natural brown brings in a really nice color and overall feel to the photo. If you do go with red boots, choose a more neutral lipstick shade. That might look really nice.

She looks gorgeous. Correction: She IS gorgeous, and these are are gorgeous photos :)

lisainnorthidaho said...

Would you look at that gorgeous kid. She sure is growing up! Hay Tracy...we miss you at HT. C'mon back!