Friday, December 4, 2009

I'm Getting a Cold...

Better now than, say, three weeks from now! Have you looked at your calendars lately? Christmas is just 21 days away! Scary. Really, really scary.


Now that my horse trailer is back in action, thanks to a new axle, Darling and I have begun hauling the boys back up to the riding club. Darling has stated she'll just be working Steve Holt! from the ground the first few days. Smart kid. It's been over a month since the horse show where we found ourselves begging for a ride home, and despite Steve Holt! being such a good minded chap, he is, after all, a three year old.


Yesterday whilst Darling was in school I decided to help the process along a bit by bringing Steve Holt! up to the arena for a short workout (from the ground, naturally.) The more short sessions he's got under his belt, the better he'll be when she climbs on his back. He's not accustomed to going anywhere without Sandy, so did a bit of whinnying, but mostly he played, running around the arena, kicking up his heels, and of course, gazing at himself in the mirror (that is, you know, his favorite activity!)


Once he'd finished stretching his legs a bit, I took him for a walk up around the stables. We saw plenty of pretty ponies, sticking their heads over the rails and calling to us. Steve Holt! took only a mild interest, then went back to searching for green blades of frost encased grass. It's nice to know you can take a fresh three year old out for a walk into unchartered territory and have them not get all goo goo eyed and buggy about strange horses calling to them.





I'm making that pinto an honorary mustang. He's got some super good preservation skills. He snorted and blew and hid inside the dark cave his owner has provided him. Everyone else ran out to visit, but he warned them. He warned them good! He's adorable, don't you think?

With the recent gather of South Steens down in Oregon, there's bound to be a ton of colorful ponies available for adoption right now. In fact, there is such a variety, we got word yesterday that the Burns District will be holding "Color Fest" in February! Duns, roans, and spotted butts will be available at a special event. If anyone is considering adopting, but you've been more inclined to find something with color, now is the time!

Don't forget to read the post below. It tells which two photos were selected, and the winner of an 8x10!


The Urban Cowboy said...

Just found ya, love Mustangs...

Tracey said...

Nice to have you here, Urban Cowboy!

froglander said...

So wish I could adopt one of the pretty ponies you took pics of while I was picking out Cody!

Pony Girl said...

Glad SH is getting the kinks worked out of him. Great pictures of the locals! I'm lovin' that Pinto and especially the prospect of spotted rumped Mustangs....sigh. Maybe someday!

Shirley said...

Love the action shots. And that pinto looks soooo suspicious!