Thursday, November 5, 2009

You don't know just how boring your life is until... start a blog!

Seriously! I's dark early, light late, and raining in between. What is there to do? Oh, I know...I'll start a facebook account!

Yeah...that's exactly what I needed. One more reason to let my life get sucked down into the deep abyss that is this monitor in front of me. You know your life is boring when the highlight is reading what who had for dinner.

I had tacos. Just in case you had to know.


Today's challenge in the photo a day was Texture. I struggled. Not with ideas so much as with photos that simply did not wish to comply. Tika, you see, has these lovely knots in her mane with pieces of alfalfa sticking out like Indian war feathers. Appropriate, considering she's named after a band of the Paiute Indians. Unfortunately, nothing showed up as being very interesting once it ended up here on the monitor. Not nearly as interesting as the tacos, trust me.


I drove down to Curt's to help him clean a couple of stalls. He broke his arm recently falling off his tractor. At least that's the story he's telling, and he's sticking to it. I brought my camera along and snapped a few quick pics in the tack room.


Then I went out back and got one of the white faced buffie...


I finally decided on this one, the buffie back. Nothing particularly interesting...but I guess it does show texture.


See what I mean? Boring.


photogchic said...

I have never seen a white faced

Shirley said...

Not so boring! The tack room shot and both buffalo shots were good, love the expression on the buffalo. Is it a cattle cross?

PaintCrazy said...

Boring? No. All of those pics had some cool texture stuff going on. Think about all the various textures you'd feel in your mouth with those tacos? (We had tacos last night too!) Crunchy shell, grainy meat, soft cheese, etc. The tack stall - all the various textures in the bits, chains, leather, conchos. But I loved the buffie best - you just want to cuddle up with that guy in all that warm fur!! Might say something about how cold it is here this morning...

Linda said...

Admittedly, Facebook is boring. I really don't want to know if someone is taking a snooze, eating their third helping of pie, or otherwise occupied! But your pictures are NOT boring--they are the opposite of that--thought-provoking. You go out to help a neighbor and look what you found--these beautiful perspectives. Thanks for sharing them.

jane augenstein said...

No, not boring at all, Tracey! Very interesting and what kind of creature is the buffie????? Looks like a cross between a buffalo and a Hereford??? Have never seen anything like that before!

Tracey said...

Yes, yes, you've all figured it out! I dare say they're mostly buffalo, but a smidge of herford thrown in a few generations back. Curt has two white faces but the rest look like normal old buffies (as he calls them.)