Friday, November 13, 2009

The Mane Event

Help Me!
I can't decide!



Today's word was Mane for the photo challenge. I spent the morning with Curt helping out, and got home in time for a lovely evening light (yes, yes! The clouds parted momentarily for me!) I let Apple Pony out to play, hoping to get a few flowing mane shots, and he was happy to oblige.


Check it out. He's having a race...can you see his race partner?



I must admit there's something a little unsettling about having a 1200 lb drafty boy heading your way with the above expression!

Something I learned today: Even though the assignment was 'mane', try not to cut off your subject's feet! If I had been more in tune to the total picture, these would have turned out much better.


Dusty Devoe said...

What beautiful pictures Tracey! I love them all.

Catherine said...

Sooo handsome a boy!! Great pictures Tracey!

Laura said...

Nice pictures - he is really moving in the last two! ;-)

Breathe said...

I vote for the top mane one, but I am inexplicably drawn to teal.

I never did see who he was racing - is it the wind?

(Darn. now that song is stuck in my head...)

Tracey said...

I'm rather drawn to the top one as well, Breathe. It's kind of winterish, even a bit eerie (headless horseman!)

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I think your photos were great. In fact, if you cropped the legs off entirely it would bring more emphasis to the mane and movement. Sometimes the legs can actually be a distraction.
The last photo made me smile, too. The way the forelock and mane is lifted, looks like a fancy lady with an old fashioned bouffant. hehe!


Becky said...

I like the 2nd photo--- the colors in it are incredible. They all rock, though.

I thought Apple Pony found a home?... I'm so confused about who is actually at your place right now. One of these days can you post an update?

Thanks for all the gorgeous photos!