Monday, November 30, 2009

Show Off Your Wild Horse Support!


Free Shipping, today only, when you order through Cafe Press! Visit Mustang Fever for a great selection of note cards, calendars, and more. Just type in the code GO4CYBER when you're checking out, and shipping is magically erased.

Not sure what you'd need? How about a Mustang Diaries calendar? There are plenty of pretty notecards with photos of your favorite Steens Mt herd. Maybe you know someone who's adopted and they need a Proud Adopter shirt? The possibilities are endless! And as always, sales help support and promote wild horse adoption. Each gift you purchase is a for the recipient and one for the wild horses. Now, how can you beat that?


froglander said...

I start my new job tomorrow so as soon as I have a paycheck, I will be ordering a calendar, don't let me forget!

Tracey said...

Thanks, Frog! And good luck at the job!