Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Rain, rain, go away...?

I thought it was going to be just another dark, gloomy, rainy day. I was wrong.

It's snowing.


Either that or there are a whole bunch of ghostly orbs at my house. But if that's the case, they must be crossing over to the other side and leaving their spirit bodies behind, littered all over my patio and lawn.

The jury is still out on whether or not snow is an improvement over rain, but I'm thinking not. Except that it may afford me some better photos when it comes to my daily challenge. After all, mud can only take you so far! And tomorrow's assignment is light. Snow is far lighter than mud, so for the time being, I'll take it. But it can all go away as soon as I click the shutter.

Yesterday as I was driving home I spotted a couple horses way out in a field and decided to shoot them. With the camera, of course. My original intent was to fiddle some more with the vintage look, but once home I began playing with layers on photoshop, coming up with this look. Darling says no, but I kinda like it. What do you think?



PaintCrazy said...

I like it. Could be real...or not. Go with it!

strivingforsavvy said...

I like it. I would also try leaving the landscape and sky like you have it and bring the horses more as the focal point by leaving them in full color (maybe enhance if necessary). I don't know it might be cool!

Janice said...

Sorry I'm with Darling.