Monday, November 2, 2009

A Photo A Day?

I decided I needed to get more serious about my photos. Some are good, some quite simply should end up in the trash. Thank God for digital or I'd go broke printing wretched photographs.

So to help me get in shape, I signed up on the Equine Photographer's Network, hoping that the upcoming Photo A Day for a Month would offer me an opportunity to discipline myself and work harder at capturing those truly wonderful moments we all share with our horses.

And I was happy.

And then I spotted Joan's post at Mudranch early this morning, mentioning the fact that she'd renewed her membership and was taking part in this 30 day challenge.

And I thought to myself...

Because, you see, I'd forgotten.
I'd forgotten I was going to be disciplined and organized and planned.
Why...I'd only had my camera outside with me for a handful of minutes yesterday!
And what had my lens focused on?
Darling's new coat.


It's her Equiscience coat, part of the sponsorship package
provided by Elenbaas, along with the grain she gets as a sponsored rider.
Cool, eh?

I'd also grabbed a couple of quick shots of Sandy's new bit
so I could show it to you,
but that certainly didn't fit with the theme for the first day, which was

What to do?

And things just didn't get any easier.
Today's assignment was environment.
Today was also wet, and what am I to take photos of
out there in the rain?
The only environment I've got is...

That and gravel in my spiffy new paddocks, but was I thinking earlier today when the sun was still up behind those rain clouds?
No. No, I was not.

So not until feeding time, when the day was drawing to a close and the light was fading did I rush in a panic outside to take a halfhearted jab at my assignment.

You know, I seem to recall doing homework in much the same fashion.
But I digress.

I did manage to pull a photo out of the bag, so to speak, for the hair assignment when I realized Sandy's goat beard was quite visible.
And at the same time, I've got a shot of the new bit for y'all to take a gander at!
A twisted wire, broken mouth shanked job that seems to suit him well as he transitions from a snaffle to a more grown up bit.


And as you can see, mud for today' environment shot.

So my first two days are in the bag. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be better about getting my assignment done in a timely manner. The topic is blur.
That ought to be easy, I seem to be a natural at that!


Lea and her Mustangs said...

Tracey I know that you know as much as I probably do but beware of twisted wire bits. They are so harsh. I always love any of your pictures.

PaintCrazy said...

You call that mud? Huh. I need to post a picture of our mud in Michigan!! LOL!!

Love Sandy's goat beard picture though...If we hadn't had that show this month our boy would look the same way no doubt.

Anonymous said...

You did a great job, even though on EPNet I thought you were posting for legs instead of environment... duh on me! I'm a bit slow Tracey... forgive me? ;)

This is fun isn't it?! I'm really enjoying getting out and shooting for something I would normally. Today's blur came to me in a vision... LOL

Anonymous said...

I meant "would not normally" - argh, my fingers get in the way of my brain. ;)

photogchic said...

Lovely pics Tracey...I didn't know Darling was a sponsored cool is that!

gtyyup said...

Sandy has a very cute "goat beard"! Back to the mud again already...don't miss that one bit. Feel for you girl.

Congrats on the sponsorship!!! Totally cool!