Sunday, November 22, 2009

Darling Says Goodbye


I lay there in bed, listening to the rain spilling out of the gutters once again, despite City Boy having cleaned them earlier in the day. The rain is relentless. But it wasn't the only reason for no sleep. I was still trying to decide which photo to use for the EPN photo of the day. Our word? Action.

Now, normally this is a word I have absolutely no problem with, but yesterday seemed to be nothing but trouble. The pasture is wet and soupy. The only horse who wants to get remotely active out there is Apple Pony, but this was his last day with us. His owner (former and still current, I might add) was coming at 10:30 to pick him up. No sense sending him into the mud pit where, with my luck, he'd undoubtedly slip and hurt himself just prior to loading.


Instead of action, I asked Darling if she'd like to come out and have her picture take with him one more time before he left. A few dozen photos later, the sweet palomino was loaded into his trailer and heading back home. (For those who are curious, his potential buyer was unable to take him in the end, so he is still for sale.)


Still on the hunt for my action shot, I drove through the rain to Curt's where I found one of his two year olds in the arena. No problem motivating the boy into submitting an action shot or two, as he sprinted in quarter horse fashion from one end of the arena to the next. But with low light, everything turned out either grainy or super blurry. Had these photos been taken on 'Blur' or 'Abstract' days, they'd have been perfect! But it wasn't what I was looking for.


I had a couple of shots on my monitor, and turned to Darling for her opinion. "The mane", was her matter of fact answer, not bothering to take her eyes from her own computer screen. "I already looked."


If it had been 'Mane' day, I'd agree. And yes, there was movement there that could be considered action. But still...I'd have to think on it.

And now here it is, just after six a.m., and I'm up, with two cups of hot chocolate downed. And have I come to a decision?, I have not. But one thing that I've always said has sprung forth into my mind.

Love is a verb.

Nothing has taught me that like working with these mustangs. Because the more effort you put into them, the more you can't help but love them. And that love doesn't need to be a big flurry of movement to produce the result you're looking to achieve, which is the horse reaching for you, and communicating with you, and trusting in you.

A verb is an action is love an action?


An easier assignment for me today was Sunday Stills, whose word was..."Horse"!


Rebekah said...

Wow. What a touching post! The photos with Darling are so sweet. Keep it up with the love, the mustangs deserve it!!!

Tammy said...

Beautiful, soulful, pictures.

flowerweaver said...

Wish I could give Apple Pony a home, he's a beauty, as are the photos of Darling with him. I love the motion blur shot and mane shot as well. They are all very powerful.

Thank you for your kind comments on my blog.

Ed said...

WOW! Great shots and post..:-)

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

The photos with your daughter and the horse were amazing. The lighting, composition...everything, just simple stunning.

Very touching, too.


Mrs Mom said...

Tracey, you two are just amazing.

Wonderful shots, and great wisdom in there too ;)

Holly said...

First pick is the mane, second would be the abstract/blurry one. Both have a very artistic quality to them.

jane augenstein said...

Tracey, love all the shots of Darling and the horses. Really love the one with the mane blowing around; excellent picture in my humble opinion!
Good post, aww, hope Apple Pony finds a good home he is such a handsome boy!

Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

Really heartwarming photos - thank you!

Regular Guy said...

Excellent shots, very touching too. Nice job.

Paint Girl said...

Great pictures, as always!
Sorry to hear the home for Apple Pony didn't work out, hopefully he will have his forever home soon!

Pony Girl said...

Great pictures, Tracey! I especially like that composition on that last one, you know me and my funny love of cropped shots!
Are you sure there isn't room for Darling to have a little Apple Pony of her own?? ;)
Helped PG work with her little 'stang today, she's sure a baby that one, but a quick learner! She's losing her "baby" face.
p.s. "the rain is relentless"- you said it, girl!!!!

PaintCrazy said...

Love definitely IS an action.

CTG Ponies said...

Great pics and a great post. I love the 2nd pic of Darling with Apple Pony. It's very sweet.

Aussie Oklahoma said...

He's adorable. =)