Thursday, November 5, 2009

Waiting...and waiting...and waiting...

Photo Assignment of the Day


Imagine driving down the road at 50 mph, Jason Aldean's "She's Country" blaring on your radio as you rock out country style, horse trailer loaded with mustangs on your way home from a horse show, when your kid notices a tire rolling past you down the shoulder of the road.

"Ha! Hey, look! Someone lost a tire! Hahahahaha!!!!"

Ooops. Hmmm, wonder who someone is?

Fortunately, it wasn't me. But it almost was, because my tire was loose and wobbly as sin while we were up at the horse show a couple weeks ago. City Boy just happened to notice it when he brought us lunch that day. Axle grease was splattered on the wheel, and when he touched it the entire thing wiggled and jiggled so much that Bill Cosby could have done a jello commercial with it.

That could have been a disaster! Jello wheels are not very reliable...or so I've heard. We hitched a ride home with another competitor (lucky thing for three horse trailers hauling only one horse!) and got home safely...but without the trailer. There's something wrong with it...that tire has worn unevenly since we got it, so we're waiting to see what can be done to get it fixed up and on the road again.

In the meantime, Darling has been driveway riding on Sandy, and thankfully Beanie can swing by and pick me up on her way to Curt's for our weekly lessons.


Beanie saddles up


PaintCrazy said...

Make sure you have all your bearings checked on that trailer too. I'm lucky that my husband is a "trailer guy" and knows the mechanical side of them inside and out. He's always lecturing about having good tires on the horse trailer and goes over mine before every trip out.

I like the legs picture! I have one of Equestrian Girl's leg wearing her old purple show chaps that's like that but her friend is perfectly framed riding her horse in the background. Very cool.

Glad you are having such fun with all these photo projects!

Mrs Mom said...

Beautiful shot as always Tracey!

Hmmm... maybe that tire came along as a heads up/ warning to some.... Sure am glad you guys are all safe out there!

Happy Riding!

Angie @ Free Rein said...

Both shots are the light in the second one. My sister tells me I need to get a nice camera and learn how to use it before I have grandchildren. LOL, that better not be anytime soon!...but I would like to learn about photography. You are such an inspiration to me in many ways!

allhorsestuff said...

Nicely written, and beautiful angles and subject!
This was the second in a row of Mercy -I have read today!
Thank you~
You have a lovley day~

Linda said...

Geez--you get some good perspectives in your photos. The wheels falling off are always my worst nightmare--you've confirmed another of my fears. :)