Monday, November 23, 2009

Farewell...the video

Darling's farewell video...


Are there any knitters in the crowd? I've got a bunch of hand spun yarns here right now looking for homes!


7 skeins, over 100 yards each
$20 each, $5 shipping
all seven for $100 (free shipping!)


Black Merino, 3 skeins, over 100 yards each
$55 (free shipping!)


The Great Assortment!
7 skeins, assorted fibers from llama to icelandic to merino
$55, includes shipping!


I've got one skein left of the yarn on the left with the golden
thread spun into it. Over 100 yards
$25, includes shipping

Pop me an email at
Great Christmas gifts!


PaintCrazy said...

OMG that made me cry!!! Very well done...

Pony Girl said...

Ah, so sad. Sniff! ;( She did a nice job with the the AP runnin' and buckin'!

Paint Girl said...

So sad, I can tell how much Darling really loved that Apple Pony!! I love what she does with the videos.

Tracey said...

I cried, too, when I saw it. He's such a special horse and I really hope someone comes along and recognizes that.

Dusty Devoe said...

What a beautiful video. I love that horse. He is just beautiful.

Shirley said...

Well done, Darling. You should be looking at a career in video production.

Nikki said...

The video is beautiful. I hope he finds a wonderful home. I wish I knitted. The yarn is just beautiful. I tried to teach myself once, it wasn't pretty. Happy Thanksgiving.

Connie Peterson said...

Very sweet and awesome video ... she did a great job.

I love the yarn - it's very pretty. You should try it on Etsy if you don't sell it here. I'd be tempted but I have way too much of my own stuff.

Happy Thanksgiving.