Friday, November 20, 2009

Riding Pepenary

I hurt from head to toe. Was it the 90 minute walk I took around the north end of town while waiting for tires to be worked on earlier this week? Or was it riding Pepenary? I tend to say the ride. But why? Makes no sense...I'm not out of riding shape. My body knows what it's doing...right?

Evidently not. I haven't ridden this pistol packing cutter since last spring, back when Sandy was down at Curt's prior to the Sacramento makeover. She's come a long way since then, and let me tell you, she's one smokin' son of a gun! Girl's got cow...way more than I've got. I thought I could ride. I've changed my mind. I was being tossed around like Raggedy Ann. I think I've got whiplash.

Beanie took the video. It looks pretty mild. I've been back on Pepenary twice since this was taken, and I think I can safely say...things have only gotten worse. Drop your reins. Ride with one hand. Use your legs. Get those stops down in the ground.



After I'm done screaming like a girl.

(Thank you, Teresa, for letting me use your music!)


Mrs Mom said...

I need a chiro visit just from reading about your ride Tracey ;)

Tracey said...

Me, too! Let alone actually riding it =)

photogchic said...

That looks like fun. What a cool horse.