Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sunday Stills

Today's assignment? Halloween. From decorating to costumes, to whatever. With Darling deciding she's too old for trick or treating, and living way out in the sticks as we do, there's not much action around the place on All Hallow's Eve. Just the same...Darling insisted we purchase candy, you know, just in case.
It's a good thing she suggested that, because somewhere along the line, the candy was devoured. Look! An empty bag of dum dums. And a few empty rolo wrappers thrown in. I'm not entirely sure how that happened. Must have been the zombies kittens. It was so scary I forgot what happened. Must have blanked out from the shock of it all.

I obviously was able to get a picture of them in the act of ripping into their bag of kitten food before slipping into my diabetic coma shock after eating seeing them all the halloween candy. (Hey, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!)

Of course I had to play a bit with ghostly images last night.

I've got free zombie kittens to give away, if anyone is interested. One calico, one tabby with a hint of orange in her coat, and one gray with a couple small orange spots on her face. All females. All cute. I promise they won't eat your face in the middle of the night, no guarantees against nibbling toes or devouring candy.


Ed said...

Very cool..:-))

Dusty Devoe said...

Great pictures! Very cute babies!

colleen said...

Very cool indeed!

Shirley said...

Nice job on the ghostly images. Hope you find homes for those little cuties.

jane augenstein said...

Tracey, great pictures really like the last one! Wonderful ghost, awww, cute, cute, cute kitties!!! What a sweet face, I have one kitty that's enough...but dang they are cute!! :-)

Ebie said...

Very cool ghostly images!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Very creative and clever. And how naughty of you to try to sneak in some zombie kitties. We already have two and that's enough for now. Hope they find great homes, though.