Sunday, January 20, 2008

My Fingers are Cold, but...

In truth, they're chilled to the bone and I'm off to a steaming hot tub, but just had to share today's news. No, I've not got photos for you. I suppose I can put up an old one if you'd really like.
No, it's not snowing out, but that's about how cold it feels as the northeaster blows down from Canada. But it wasn't cold enough to keep my heart from bursting with warmth today!

City Boy and I went to town after church this morning and bought a long cotton rope and a ring to attach to the end. I decided I needed to stop using the lariat as it wasn't moving quickly enough when I needed to pull it tight. I've no clue how long I was out there with her, but she didn't run as hard as she did the other day. She paid closer attention. The ring allowed the rope to move a bit more freely so that when she turned away from me (rather than in towards me), I was able to hang on and not lose her. The lariat would get hung up on her mane and not move, so she'd pull free from my hands. Not so today.

Even if you can't visualize what was going on, I can tell you this; she gave up much sooner and I was able to get the bottom loop over the nose and work with her for about five minutes before it fell off (it was sitting a bit low, so when she shook her head it slipped off.) But in that time she decided she really didn't want to give up on the shoulder scratches and neck rubs. She kept pushing her shoulder into me, careful to keep her face just out of reach, but at the same time enjoying the contact.

She reached out her nose and steamed up my glasses when I lowered my face. She nearly stepped on my toes. She reached cautiously to sniff my arm. I placed my face up to her shoulder and buried my nose in her mane. I felt pretty good about it, so decided to try again with the loop over the nose. This time the struggle only lasted a few minutes before she stopped and waited for me to put it over her nose. She just stood there. I gave her neck a quick rub, then slipped the rope off her nose and from her neck. I grabbed the rubber curry comb and came back to give her a couple of quick brushes on both sides of her body, leaving her standing there peacefully.

I think today was a big turning point for Firecracker, and I couldn't be happier. I'd be walking on sunshine if we had any. Instead, I believe I'll go warm myself up in a steaming hot tub!


Anonymous said...

Yahhhhhhhhhhoooooooooooooooooo Tracey. I knew you could do it. Lea

photogchic said...

Right on...worth the cold fingers to have a day like that. You deserve a long soak!

Mrs. Mom said...


You'll get her- you are surely on the perfect track for this horse!

Looking forward to the next installment and progress!