Friday, March 16, 2007

Got Mustang Fever?

Got Mustang Fever? I've been going just a little nutty around here trying to create a few products! I'm espeically fond of the Regalo~Adopt A Living Legend products, probably because I just love that photograph of his eye. There are more images than those I've shown here; why not head over to my storefront and see what else I've done?

Darling and Quiet Storm

We worked with Quiet Storm the other day, tossing this old sheet over her back, dragging it from one side to the other and up over her head. She didn't have any issues with it. I suppose I ought to pull out the saddle here before too long and start getting her accustomed to having us lift that on and off from her.

Of course, we're not certain just how old she is. The paperwork lists her as somewhere between 8-12 months at time of capture. We decided to plunk her 'birthday' down in the middle, giving her an unofficial birthday in late April. Too young to really do much in terms of riding yet, but certainly old enough to learn to carry the saddle. And should all go well, perhaps by summer Darling will even be able to mount her and walk around the paddock a bit. Nothing that might stress her young legs, naturally, just enough to give Darling a taste of being on board her own horse, and Quiet Storm a bit of a foundation for next year. (I can't believe I'm already thinking about 2008 when I can't even stop writing 2006 on my checks!)


Anonymous said...

My goodness. I love horses. I had one as a kid and will never forget her. I've worked with them since and adore them.

Great site.

Thanks for visiting mine too. So very nice to meet you.

Patience said...

I've always liked horses but never had the opportunity to be around them much.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your comments!