Friday, November 25, 2011

New Skills!


A couple months ago I decided it was time to saddle up Bad Reputation and see what she'd do.

She did exactly what she always does.


Not much phases this little horse, though she's a bit of a bugger for the farrier. Oh, sure, she'll stand for me...and of course she'll stand for Darling...but some guy with a rasp? No so much. But we can't have everything, now, can we?


Since the sun was shining today, I figured it was a good time to see if Max would handle things as well. Normally, when something new is thrown at her, she's a bit jumpy to start, but once she realizes what's going on, she'll settle down. Today, I threw her a saddle...and she stood there. She didn't care. She was like a little red Rep with tall white socks and a blaze. Boo! Nothing.


Rep wanted to make sure I'd done everything right, so she came to inspect the job. Yup...cinched up just snug enough for nothing to slip off. Both Max and I passed inspection!

Once the saddle was pulled off and put away, I returned with treats for the girls, Aurelio and Impulse. Impulse is still a little slow to pick it up, but now I can get my fingers down beneath her lips, which encourages her to take them a bit faster. I swear I've never seen a horse put so much thought into taking a cookie!


All in all, a very good afternoon.


Allenspark Lodge said...

We've found Mustangs can be very choosy/picky about treats. First you hold out for up to 2 wks before acknowledging it's a treat, then you taste just a tiny, tiny portion to make sure it won't kill you, then a slightly larger taste ... and finally call it a treat - maybe. Ours catagorize their food: ground food (hay), bowl food (beet pulp, supplements), and hand food (treats as such) - and don't mix them up! Funny and lovable creatures.

Shirley said...

An auspicious beginning!

Leah Fry said...

I love teaching them the basics, maybe because it's something I can do with total confidence. Since I'm not that great a rider, I rely on the skill and advice of others in that area. I like the "nothing" reaction :-)

Tracey said...

Yearlings are such a nice pressure to get them started under saddle the first few months, and when it's time, they're just ho-hum. I love it! Lack of challenge...there's nothing better, lol!

Becky said...

.... Aurelio? Did I miss something, somewhere?

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Sounds like a successful day. I love the rough and rugged natural look of a mustang .