Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hello, November!


First off, a Happy Birthday wish to my father...The Mule Whisperer!

October was a crazy busy month for me, from Kitty's and my first cutting (green/, Kitty and one cow), to our trip to Oregon with my folks.


A week after returning from Burns, I was asked to photograph the youth show, which was held at BB Stables. This is where Darling used to lesson with Steve Holt!; beautiful views, but a bitter, chilly northeast wind. I came home chilled to the bone.


Freezer camp awaited Sizzler, the pig. I drove in the driveway to find her loose in my yard, playing with 'toys' such as empty trash cans and the hose. I thought she was so cute! Ran and grabbed my camera so I could get a photo of her running with the hose. I let the dogs out of their very large run (formerly Momma Pony's turn out area) and hoped to lure Sizzler into it. No way was I going to be able to get her into her pen. Opened the gate, and she came running toward me...only it wasn't to investigate the open gate.

She BIT me! Grabbed my leg in her mouth, she did. The only thing I had to smack her with was my camera. I actually thought twice, but then...THUMP!...and was happy it connected on the back side rather than the lens.

She snorted, shook her head, and came at me again. All I could think was 'how quick can I climb the gate?', but then she saw the opening and squealed in delight as she ran off into the grass. Whew! Crisis averted.

The horse show seemed to have knocked the wind out of me, though, and the following days I was suffering from fever and chills, alternatively, and after that, coughing that racked my body to it's core. After a week, I decided to head to the doctor, as I had the Cascade Horse Fair in just a few days. I saw my favorite Nurse Practitioner (former eventer) and she gave me some drugs to help reduce the coughing over the weekend so that I could function.


No rest for the wicked, they say, which must mean I'm pretty darn wicked! Ken McNabb was here this year and it was wonderful! Our parking lot was full both days. Curt and his HydraBull were a mega hit as well...and look at that Cowboy dancing during Saturday's karaoke!


By Sunday night I was exhausted, but it wasn't time to stop. Not yet. Had to make trips to the bank to deposit money, and while I was there...well...I had to use the little girl's room. Not that you really need to know that, except there was a sign in there telling us to wash our hands, and giving the symptoms of H1N1 flu...aka...swine flu! And do you know what? It matched exactly what I've been experiencing! I think I've got the swine flu! And you know, that pig bit me, so it all makes sense!

No, not really...I don't think getting bit by the pig was the culprit (just in case you thought it was!) But I sure was sick there for awhile, and I'm happy that all the craziness of October is over, and that November is here. I think I'll like November much better. After all, it looks much cheerier, doesn't it?



Shirley said...

You're just a whirlwind! Hope you're feeling better and that your freezer is comfortably filled with pork.

cheyenne jones said...

I have to agree with Shirley!! A real Dynamo on legs! Hope you get well soon.

Allenspark Lodge said...

I hope more of those leaves hit the ground before a snow. That's what our trees looked like when the 20" hit last week; now we have lots and lots of broken trees! Then another 8" of snow two days ago and more this Sat. This is much too early for these types of storms to roll across us. What gives?

Becky said...

.... Is "freezer camp" what I think it is?

I would think biting into a pig that bit you first would taste twice as delicious.

And this is why I dislike pigs - they always look like they are thinking about biting.

Tracey said...

Bacon is yummy!

Allenspark, stop with the S word! That's a bad, four letter word around here and I want nothing of it!

Becky, YES! Freezer Camp is just what you think it is, and yes, that first bite will be doubly delicious!

We've actually never had an aggressive pig before, and I think she was really more playing than anything...but that was the first time I've been bit and I sure hope the last!

aurora said...

Fair sounds great, love the photo's! Hope you are feeling better, lot's of similar crud going around here too.