Monday, November 7, 2011

Bits and Pieces


I am happy to say, not a bit of the snotties yesterday! And she was mildly interactive as well, so obviously feeling better, even if not 100%.

The other day I received an email from someone mildly interested in looking at Steve Holt!. I didn't hold my breath, but since he'd not been ridden in over a month, and at that, it was only 2 trail rides in September, I thought it best if I at the very least climb on him in the round pen for just a bit.


I'd had the new Myler bit on him, and just as in the last round pen ride, he dropped his head and held his nose perpendicular to the ground, just like a pleasure horse. And his not super western slow, it was light and easy to sit. Amazing what a bit can do for a horse. Never, EVER, let someone tell you that you simply must be able to ride in a snaffle, or you're not worth your salt as a horseman. Hog wash! Each horse is different, just like any child in the classroom, and any teacher or trainer worth a paycheck knows this.

During my brief round pen ride, I watched in amusement as Impulse darted in and out of her stall. With paddocks attached directly to the round pen, she had an up close and personal view of Steve Holt! actually allowing a human to sit upon his back. Fascinating! Frightening! But really fascinating! She rushed in and out of her stall, not sure if she ought to be brave or hide. While standing inside...ooops!...a chicken flew up onto her back! She flinched, looked back to see what had happened, then ignored the chicken in order to pay attention to the goings on in the round pen.

Too funny! My wild horse is broke to ride...if only by a red hen.


The following day, Steve Holt!s ride went very well. It was as if he'd been ridden every day all summer long. His trot was sitting trot slow (not western pleasure jog, but comfortable enough) and his lope was easy and soft. He picked up both leads like he'd never given a thought in his life to not picking them up correctly. It went as smooth as could we just wait and see. The young woman trying him out had just begun her search, and no clue if she's in a hurry or not. And while it would be nice to move him on, the Cowboy has said we can move him in down there for the winter and continue his training, and that is just about as nice as it gets.

The sun was shining all weekend, and I was wishing I didn't have a dead camera battery when I went out to clean Impulse's stall. Watching the proceedings the other day obviously increased her curiosity, because she began slowly working her way up to me, and cautiously reaching out in an effort to get a good whiff, no doubt wondering why the other horses seemed so intrigued by me. I had a pocket full of treats, of course, and stood at the round pen rail, feeding them to Max. Impulse eventually got close enough and brave enough to attempt taking my last treat, but it fell to the ground before she managed to get it all the way into her mouth. When I bent to pick it up, she moved off, so I put it inside a grain pan that was sitting nearby and walked away. When I was a safe distance, she walked over and lipped it up. She may not want grain, but for some reason, she's decided it's okay to eat treats. Well...whatever it takes!



Shirley said...

Steve is looking pretty good, too bad City Boy doesn't just make him his horse.

Heather said...

I think your new Imp is gorgeous! Hope Steve finds a great home soon, it always works out, it just seems to take forever sometimes doesn't it?

Tricia said...

Hi Tracey, it was fun having you and Katie and Steve Holt! here on Saturday. I love that shadow show on the arena wall. I like to watch my and my mount's shadow there, too, but I've never caught a photo of it.

Margaret said...

...with a hen on her back! ha - that would have been quite a photo to get. Steve Holt looks very nice.

Equine Mum said...

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