Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Pick It up and Read

Recently, along with a few other horse loving bloggers, I was contacted and asked if Alison Hart could do a guest blog to help get the word out about three books which will be coming out in 2010. Alison has written stories for American Girl, The New Adventures of Mary Kate and Ashley, as well as The Riding Club. In other words? She's gifted at story telling for the 8-12 year old crowd. And as the aunt of a young girl who falls into that age group, I've got to tell you that it's a real treat to find something that is sweet, innocent, and a good story.

Some of her books, such as Shadow Horse, have a bit more meat on their bones. A mystery surrounding a young girl, the death of her favorite horse, and a dirty rotten owner fills the pages.

I happen to have a copy of Shadow Horse sitting right in front of me at the moment. I'm wondering...would any of you be interested in owning it?

I may be persuaded to give it to someone.


How do you win? You tell me!!! I want to know what you'd do to win. Or...how about what you'd like to see someone else do to win? Now, that could be interesting! Just post your comment here between now and Friday. The bestest, craziest, zaniest, goofiest, funniest, makes me want to pee my pants laughing suggestion wins the new book!

On Friday I'll announce the winner, plus we'll have a guest post by Alison herself.

Good luck!


Kathy M said...

I'm sure I'll think of something better by friday.. but Sunday I was dragging a pipe panel onto 2 other panels, and I fell back and landed with my butt stuck between the rails!
I'm laying there in the dark calling for Angi to come help me, but when she got there all she did was laugh!
Somewhere Beth has a bad camera phone shot of me stuck... Hmm I probably should find that file so I can delete it!

Tracey said...

That's pretty good, Kathy. I'd better contact Beth for that photo!

Paint Girl said...

I think my sister is doing a review on these books as well. She was just telling me about them tonight.
They sound good!

Pony Girl said...

Cool, great minds think a like, we are posting about Alison at the same time! Her website should be getting lots of new bloggy reader hits, hee hee! So I am keeping my copy of Shadow Horse for now because I am so enjoying reading it, but I would love to win a copy of Anna's Blizzard if you have that one, because I am giving mine away in my giveaway, LOL! :) So crazy thing I would do? No wait, I'm going to think of something crazy to have Paint Girl do! I know! Maybe I will have her put a Santa hat on that little Mustang pony of hers and take a picture! :)