Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Moving Day

Sandy's new home

Yesterday I drove down for my lesson only to find Curt on his way to the doctor. Finally! I stuck around the barn and cleaned stalls. I came home filthy, stinking of horse pee, and very ready for a massage.

Curt came home with the news that he may have an aorta aneurysm. He's got an ultrasound scheduled for Friday. You'd think they'd have tried to get him in sooner, wouldn't you? But in the meantime I'll be cleaning a lot more stalls, it looks like, as he's under strict orders not to lift, push or pull.

One of the many stalls I cleaned was Sandy's new home. It's a nice big stall that generally houses a broodmare and foal; plenty of room so he won't feel boxed in. I'm anxious to get out of the weather. I knew when I signed up for this event that it'd be raining...after all, that's what keeps Washington green, but until you're out there working in it, you really don't realize just how limiting it is to horse training. Of course, the biggest issue isn't getting wet, but slick footing here on our clay. Rather detrimental when mounting up for that first ride. I envy the scores of horse trailers I see down at the trail head and often think if I'd just spent a bit more time last summer on Jet, that'd be me down there riding all winter as well...except without the trailer. But I digress...

I turned JoJo out while cleaning her stall, and knowing that I like mustangs, she did her best wild horse impression for me!

Look at me, I'm wild!

She bucked and played hard while I tried to get a few decent photos, but it was dark in the arena (gee, why didn't I think to turn on the lights?) so I didn't get many. She's a big, stout mare with a tremendous amount of stride and talent. Curt had me work the hydra bull with her last week and I felt like a little rag doll on top of her being tossed all about.

JoJo at play

I'd best start packing stuff up. I'll be hauling out at breakfast time with Sandy. I need to make an appointment with a farrier for him as well as a vet/dentist while he's down there. And I can hardly wait to get all that mud off from him!


Callie said...

Ok, Mustang Lady, I've just given you an award in Excellence of Equine Care, so you need to pop on over and pick it up and then spread the love!

Katee said...

A nice, dry stall for Sandy and a nice, dry place for you to ride is going to be so helpful. I hope your friend Curt is ok.

Mrs. Mom said...

Callie ya poop--- I wanted to give that to her! Pppphhhbbbttttt

Tracey, please let Curt know we are pulling for him down here in the Southland. We will also be finding out more about aortic anuerism (I know that spelling got mucked up...) as my Mom-in-Law literally just found out she has an abdominal aortic anuerism as well.

Hope Sandy likes his new digs- keep us posted how he does! (Well, DUH! Of course you will.... Can you tell no sleep again last night? LOL)

Rising Rainbow said...

I hope that Curt is OK, those things are not good. In the meantime I hope you're not so pooped from cleaning stalls that you don't have time for Sandy.

I knew what a struggle it would be to train with a time limit because I've been doing it for years. So glad you've got the opprotunity to work out of the rain.

Callie said...

Also, Hope your friend Curt is going to be OK, That's a scary thing!