Friday, August 3, 2007

Sunny finds a home

Sunny, still down at Steve and Janice Reppert's back in January

At home, missing her lead rope and full of lice.

If you pop into Carpenter Creek on a regular basis, you'll know that I've been contemplating Sunny's future of late. Because of a lack of stalls here, keeping her through the winter isn't a possibility. But sending her to a new home isn't something I'm completely comfortable with, either. Who will put the effort into that little filly the way I have?

Well, several people; any of you, undoubtedly! But finding folks who'll understand and appreciate her in the local scene will be a difficult task to say the least. My biggest fear is that someone will become frustrated when she doesn't respond like they think she ought to and end up losing their temper. The best intentions often fail us, but Sunny deserves not to be failed. She's come so far!

The lice were so thick that they looked like fleas. Sunny had huge bald spots for a couple of weeks.

But it seems that a home, at least for now, has been found for Sunny. One of my readers took pity on me and offered her a home. And just who would that reader be? None other than City Boy!

Not a huge fan of horses in general, he had no problem telling me that I'd 'never be able to train that horse'. He's also a reader of my blog and when he read how concerned I was about this girl, he broke down and pulled money out of his retirement savings so that we can afford to add onto the barn. Meaning that until Sunny is truly ready to move on to bigger and better things, she's got a home here with us.

Sunny's $300 hoof trim would have sent any non-horsey husband over the edge!

These days, Sunny shows great promise.


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Rising Rainbow said...

Ok, you had me going there for a minute! Glad that City Boy helped out. I'm sure you'll be a lot more comfortable with this solution.

I have a City Boy of my own, and he's found himself repairing one of my barns this week when he's supposed to be on vacation. Guess that makes both of us lucky!

Tracey said...

Good for you, MiKaela, on the repairs!

btw...are the pics up for everyone here? I'm not seeing them tonight, but they were certainly here earlier.

Katee said...

Way to go City Boy! Good decision!

Katee said...

I'm not seeing pictures today, Tracey. In other posts, yes, but not this one.