Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Meanwhile, Back at the Corrals

"Should we drive the little truck? Or the big truck?"

This was the question presented to me by City Boy a few weeks ago. The answer was so obviously clear, I was surprised he had to ask. "The big truck, as it has more room, and of course if we drive that we'll want the horse trailer, too."

City Boy gave me the look...the one that says, "I know you're up to something", but of course I was not.

"You're not getting another're just hauling for others."



Adorable pinto filly, 2 years old

It was, of course, the Kiger adoption, and people would be coming from all across the US to see this event and, hopefully, find the perfect Kiger for their needs. There were even people from Sweden and Germany in attendance!


Kiger Stallions

And since I'm not a big Kiger nut, I didn't have any trouble at all telling City Boy I didn't plan on adopting one. Of course...not a word was mentioned about the possibility of finding a perfect little Coyote Lakes mustang. Nope. Not a word.


Very thin grulla 2 year old and her filly

There was loads of color to be found. From the striking duns and grullas of Barren Valley (a combination of 4 different HMAs, including Coyote Lakes) to the spotted pintos and appaloosas, there is definitely a horse for everyone waiting to be adopted.


The super cute grulla pinto filly found a home!

While we were wandering around, peering out into the corrals, I spotted a face that looked all too familiar. Could it be a relative?


Red dun mare, 11, Sheepshead HMA

A little research showed that this pretty red head was not related to my pretty red head at home. But she sure did remind me of Tika!


2 year old gelding

I kept my eyes peeled for prospective TIP horses, but seemed to only have an eye for 2 year olds. Even those I thought may be older, turned out to be just 2! And since they can't enter the program until they're 3, I was left pretty high and dry.


2 nice geldings

These two characters really wanted to know what I was up to with my camera. We were able to pet both of them. I'd really hoped they were three, but alas...both were also two year olds. I do have an adopter for one, though, so come 2012, I'll be making another trip to pick at least one of them up!


Not a Kiger...but certainly a diva!

The Kiger adoption was to happen on Saturday morning, and City Boy had begun to eye a 2 year old gelding in the pens. A grullo, he'd go for more than we'd ever spend on a mustang, but City Boy was beginning to think that in the long run, the return value may be better on one of these horses than your regular, run of the mill mustang. Not that we were adopting, mind you...


cheyenne jones said...

Absolutely beautiful!!

Are they allowed to be exported?

Margaret said...

It amazes me that such beauty is just out there, running free. Your photos are very much appreciated.

Tracey said...

Cheyenne, they need to stay in the US for the first year after adoption, but after that they can travel.

Glad you both enjoy the photos. You know I love taking them :)

Dom said...

Great photos, as always. The plain bay curious gelding really reminds me of my Ozzy.