Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Wild Adventures


Bad blogger! Bad!

Shame on me for leaving you hanging. Busy as I am with the horse fair, I've still found time to have fun...and I ought to be sharing that with you!

Earlier this month City Boy and I met up with my parents down in Oregon. My dad had wondered earlier this year about possibly meeting up with us and seeing the wild horses I'm always mooning over. Yeah! An opportunity to share my passion! It also just happened to be the Kiger adoption festival that weekend, so we were able to take in plenty of sights and activities.

Naturally, my enthusiasm was bubbling over as I sent City Boy (behind the wheel) up into the mountains our first day. He'd thought we were getting too late of a start, but I wasn't about to be stopped from seeing my ponies, so up the highway we drove, then off to the left onto the gravel road into the South Steens Herd Management Area. Up past the water hole, we climbed the hill and pulled over into a little turnout. Over the ridge was our destination...but we needed to walk to get there.


Hattie, a yearling on the right, with Chardonnay and her colt, Merlot, hiding in the juniper trees.

"Pssst", City Boy caught our attention and pointed. Sure enough, there were ears listening to our approach. On a small ridge stood Cortez with Noelle and Holly, and down below were Majesty, Jack and their band.


The stallion, Cortez, romances Noelle. Holly is Noelle's yearling filly from last year, and appears to be bred.


Mercedes, the black mare, and her colt from last year, Bensen


One Eared Jack...or just Jack. He's got two years, but one has either been ripped off in a fight or damaged by frostbite.

Of course, to most folks, coming across a couple bands of wild horses, getting within 100' (or closer) is pretty exciting. But to me? Well...let's just say I felt I'd need to give my folks a better glimpse than just this during their wild horse excursion with me...

Tomorrow? Off to the corrals!



Shirley said...

What could be better eye candy than fall foliage and wild horses?

froglander said...

It's about time we got a new blog post from you!

Need more pics though :)

Becky said...

What a terrible cliffhanger ending... I'm dying here...details! :D