Thursday, May 15, 2008

What's My Heart Doing There???`

Last year on Mother's Day I spent the day in the hospital getting an angiogram done. I'd spent the better part of late winter and early spring with chest pains, pressure, and flutterings. I'd been to the ER twice in one week, had a stress test done and finally the angiogram. Because of all this, I know my heart should be located slightly off center on the left side of my chest. And all the pictures online back me up on this.

So why is it that when Doc sat upon his horse the other day and asked me, "Isn't it going to be hard to give him up?", I could feel my heart bouncing around in my throat? There is definitely a problem here. I feel I need to go back to that hospital and tell them my heart has shifted and that they need to put it back where it belongs. Obviously, I couldn't answer Doc for fear that my heart would just spill on out of my mouth and land on the arena floor. And then what would we have? A dirty messy little heart that was no longer even in my throat...and I think we all agree that I'm better off with my heart inside my throat than bouncing about all over the ground. After all, it may scare Sandy if it were to bounce beneath his feet.

Therefore, I turned away from Doc, faced Sandy, and swallowed as hard as I could before replying, "No, no, not at all. I've got other mustangs. I've prepared myself. I'm not like one of those've not before known the wonders of the Mustang horse. Sandy is great, but I'm okay..." Of course, Sandy gave me a snort as my heart nearly shot out from between my teeth while speaking, but Doc didn't seem to notice.

A couple hours later, and it was Jay saying, "You're not going to even try to buy him? I don't know many Mustangs, but I just can't imagine any being nicer than this one..." And again I found myself gulping down a throat load of beating heart in an attempt to reply. Jay just shook his head. "This is a nice horse, Tracey, you ought to think about it. If it were me, I'd be selling a horse to keep this one."

Of course, I didn't really pay him much heed. My heart was racing off on it's own and I had to go catch it.

I'll be gone this weekend as Sandy and I are headed to Spokane, WA for Ride The West Expo. I'm leaving my bridle at home so as not to be tempted into doing something foolish. He'll hang out and learn to be a big boy horse, and I'll take him out on walks and lunge him every day so he can become accustomed to listening to me in a crowd. Stay tuned for plenty of photos and reports when we return!


Kathy C said...

Awwwhhh! You love him!!!

Have a great weekend in Spokane. Can't wait for pictures and stories.

Mrs. Mom said...

Be safe traveling this weekend, and can not WAIT to hear the stories that come home with you and Sandy! ANd the pics too!

Tracey, you are not alone out there. I think, through your wonderful writing and fantastic photos, we have ALL fallen in love with Sandy. No where near as much as you, of course, but Sandy has a Fan Club for sure!

Hang in there lady. If it is meant to be it will.

rachel! said...


I don't know how anyone could resist those eyes of his. He's just such a gorgeous guy!

I just joined the Hay Burners -- to thank you for keeping us all updated on your progress with Sandy, and in case it might become the Keep Sandy club, if things should go that way. He's become a regular part of my work week, and I've deliberately not been thinking about that ticking clock (though I know I wouldn't miss him half as much as you!).

Thanks again, and have a great trip!

Callie said...

I can't imagine, having him and going through the rigors of training. You know, most of those midwest trainers ended up keeping safely!

photogchic said...

Such a sweet story. He found his way into your heart:-) Have fun this weekend in Spokane. I used to live in Browns Addition---great food at The Elk:-)

Tracey said...

Thank you, everyone, for your sympathetic ears! I know y'all have fallen in love with him as well. Both my grandmother and mother emailed to tell me they had tears in their eyes while reading...I love doing that to them, and you, too! :)

And Rachel, thank you so much. It very well may turn into the keep Sandy just never know!

Rising Rainbow said...

I can understand with all the tlc you've put into Sandy why you would want to keep him. It's OK with all of us if you do. lol

Hope you had a great time in Spokane. It must have been blistering hot over there. Hope that worked to your advantage. That could turn out to be a good thing, I think.