Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day One

I've been keeping a secret.

Back in February, City Boy adopted a filly. A cute, flashy little sorrel with three very tall stockings and a white blaze. She's only a yearling, and he's a bit disappointed that he'll need to wait for her to grow up, but I assured him this was a good thing. After all, I need to put more effort into Tika, and if I had a two or three year old here, she'd get moved to the back burner again. And a yearling would give us time to truly get her ready for life as a saddle horse.


The BLM was offering free shipping within 400 miles to anyone who adopted from 'Appy-Palooza', so it was a no-brainer to make sure we signed the adoption papers then. Yes, it would be a long was at their convenience, and last year that meant 2 months...but it was worth not having to haul the trailer down there.

A person can get quite anxious in 2 months, you know that?

But the waiting is finally over, and the new arrival is here!


But wait...what's that behind her?

Seems I've been keeping two secrets.


I saw pictures of the roan filly back in July when a friend visited the corrals. I was able to pick her out of the group of other yearling fillies at the corrals in Feb, despite the fact that her tag number had been changed. I'd really liked her...would have been thrilled if City Boy and Darling had liked her as well, but they didn't, so I thought I'd not end up with her.

But she haunted me, and when you're haunted, there's not much you can do except embrace your haunting! After all, as I explained to City Boy, I needed another resale project. Steve Holt! is up for sale, and who next? Better get something to keep me busy. Well...busy once Miss Tika is going a little stronger.


The girls are settling in well. They were unloaded at a friend's place, into his arena. When the BLM truck pulled away, I backed my trailer up. The girls looked at it with curiosity, and with the help of a half dozen people who were on hand, we formed a human fence behind those wild butts, and they walked quietly up to the trailer and stepped right in.


I've named my filly already: Bad Reputation! Mustang lovers gasp...why??? Well, because they have one, that's why! And I intend to poke fun at myself for always sticking with these wild things, and in the process, if I'm lucky, she'll be a winner. Heck, it's day one, and I've already touched her!


City Boy's filly hasn't been named yet. She's a bit flightier than Rep, but I was still able to rub her with the long pole. And back at the corrals, she came up and sniffed our hands, so I know it won't be long before she comes around.

So off we are on another adventure. You coming along for the wild ride?


Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm impressed, and can't wait to follow your adventures with those two. They're both beautiful!

Linda said...

I can't believe you kept a secret like that!!! They're gorgeous. Put together great!!! I can't believe you're already touching her. Smart, brave girl!!!!

Shirley said...

Home at last eh? Fun times two. I like the name, it's different.

Tracey said...

I must admit it's been very difficult to keep this secret. I did leak it a bit onto FB this past week, but tried hard to say nothing. Why? Because there's always a chance that something goes wrong on the trip...from loading at the corrals or on the trailer, or reloading to come up here. A friend adopted last year and the filly broke her shoulder going through the chutes :(

But now they're here, and they're doing great!

cdncowgirl said...

Awesome!! Will be interesting to see them come along.
Were they gathered in the same area?

We bought 2 (QH) weanlings last fall... the grullo is quiet, the sorrel is a bit more flighty... darn red heads lol

wilsonc said...

This will be so much fun to follow! They are both nice looking fillies. Glad we're still going to be treated to seeing Tika too. I think she is exceptionally beatuiful.

Crystal said...

how fun!! I like the sorrels markings, very pretty!

Paint Girl said...

Yeah! More Mustangs! Love that sorrel of City Boys!! Can't wait to hear all the stories!

Laura said...

Wow - how exciting! Looking forward to lots of pics and details...

strivingforsavvy said...

How exciting! I can't wait to follow your progress!

Candy Lee said...

Tracey... he should name her City's girl. She is really nice looking.