Sunday, March 14, 2010

Caution! Eye Candy Ahead!

Okay, so it's muddy eye candy, but I dare you not to swoon!


Two super sweet and adorable geldings currently at the corrals. The bay actually came up and began sniffing my hand. He's only 3, so a lovely candidate for an easy training job for someone!


Yeah...that's him! I think he thinks I stink...


This little girl desperately wanted to climb onto the hay wagon with us.
Two years old...$125 and she's yours!


I dare you to deny him.


Shirley said...

I'm lovin' the black with the moon shaped "star"!

Pony Girl said...

Oh they are so cute....I just want to give them a good grooming! I love brushing horses clean and could have fun with those guys! ;)

Paint Girl said...

I also love the black, you know me and black horses!
All of those guys/girls are beautiful. I wish we could adopt them all!

Jeni said...

If I had the required fencing (round pen) I would take that "yearling?" paint in a heart beat. But alas I don't... maybe some day.

Different note - I went to a tack exchange yesterday and in a exhibit was a real live mustang. Buckskin, dorsel strip, and barring on the legs.


I'm trying to figure out the name of the farm that had her brought her there. I saw Kiger on the trailer.

jane augenstein said...

All beautiful, awww the bay likes you! Wish I could take them all but I can only handle one woolie bay and a stinker donkey at a time.

CTG Ponies said...

I want to take them all home but I'm at my limit!

Jocelyn said...

I love the black one.. Yes, I am swooning over him ;)

Linda said...

My heart goes out to them--but, alas, my barn is full. I wish I had a bigger barn. Sigh.