Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Good Morning, Beautiful!

Spending time with Sunny has taken away from time with Quiet Storm and Jet. That's okay, really, because she's a bit older than they are and certainly in need of the attention over the other two. Still, Jet is jealous. Not jealous in a bitter, mean sort of way. No, she's far to sweet a horse for that. But this is the view that greets me each morning when I look out the window. Jet is always at the gate waiting with a friendly whinny.

And lest ye think she's just talking food, let me set you straight. Whenever I'm in the field or paddock working, Jet is by my side. Yesterday I had the 'tractor' (old lawn mower) and trailer in the paddock so I could clean. Jet was right there, refusing to get out of my way. When I finally made it out into the field to dump the trailer, she trotted along behind so as not to miss out on any of the action.

I can hardly wait to start this filly, just wants to be with people so badly! She's got such a great, long stride on her and seems to enjoy our walks together; I think she'll really love when we can get out on some trails.

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Rising Rainbow said...

Yupe, sounds like a people horse to me. That's cool then she'll be a great companion. Who would think of mustangs as companions? lol