Thursday, July 29, 2010

Horse Shows and Trail Rides

Such a busy life I lead! My head seems to be spinning most days, though for the most part it's in an attempt to get things situated for the Cascade Horse Fair.

Last week I got an email from some friends asking if I wanted to go ride. We'd not ridden together since last summer...they live a couple hours south of me and we meet up at a lovely tree farm trail.


Recognize these two bloggers? It's Paint Girl and Pony Girl!

It was a beautiful, sunny, hot, dry day. Pony Girl wore her chinks. I'm not sure why, but she thinks it's cooler than having the sun hit her blue jeans. Okay,, whatever! (I'm actually just jealous. I want a pair! They make her look sooooo skinny.)


The horses were happy to come across the river where they could drink from the cool, clear water. They insisted they'd worked hard enough for the day, despite only being five minutes down the trail.


Did I mention dust? Wheweee! Dusty. Very. I turned around at the bottom of a hill and couldn't find Paint or Pony for a good five minutes. They looked like they'd been covered in soot. Like chimney sweeps from Mary Poppins or something. Paint Girl was crying. Look at the poor girl, wiping her eyes!


Steve Holt!'s long legs carried him way out in front of the pack. No dust for Darling!


It was a great ride. I'm glad we got the call to come down and ride with the Girls!

I received another email from a gal who said she had a horse that needed a home, and since I did the mustang thing, she hoped I may be able to help her out. I drove out to her place to take a look at what she had. All I can say!


Berta had been neglected and abused by a neighbor before this woman took her in. They called her a 'bad horse!'...but she's nothing of the sort. Fearful...yes. Bad? No. Incredibly distrusting and difficult to catch when turned out into a pasture, Berta was in a stall when Darling & I stopped in the other day. Even there, she wasn't so sure, but once the halter was on, she walked out into the open on a light lead.

She reminds me of a pinto Tika. Only not quite as flighty. I led her around, stopped, backed, had her pivot on the hindquarters. At one point in her life, someone cared enough to teach her manners. Whether or not she was ever ridden is anyone's guess.

Are you tired yet? I'm tired. And we're not even done! Nope. We went to a horse show where Darling did pretty alright with her long legged partner. Steve Holt! managed to hold himself together and the two of them came home with an armload of ribbons...mostly 3rd and 4th...from the day's event.


It's been a long week, to say the least. I'd like to say I'm looking forward to the weekend...but I think it's going to get even busier. Crazy busy. But that's okay. And if anyone knows where to get a pair of chinks like Pony Girls? Please let me know. I wanna be skinny, too!

Me thinks it's love...


Shirley said...

I absolutely LOVE that last photo! That's great that you got to ride with the paint'n'pony girls, now you can all come up here and ride with us Aug. 20-22!

Paint Girl said...

Okay, you had me laughing so hard, I was crying, AGAIN! It was so good to get to ride with you guys again. I wish we could do it more often.
That is a beautiful pinto! I am in love for the 3rd time!
Congrats to Darling for her horse show ribbons! Those two make a great pair!
And if I only knew the secret to where Pony gets her chinks, I would tell ya! I have also been wanting a pair, but can't afford them....for now.

Pony Girl said...

Oh what a fun post! I love your pictures, I need to start packin' my Nikon! All of my picture were blurry but I'll email you a few that I took. I love the ones of Darling and SH!! And the pinto is just lovely!
p.s. my chinks cost me an arm and a leg...that is why I am so skinny, LOL! ;) They are elk, I got them from the Parelli website. I tried them on at the event in Oregon a few years back, fell in love with them, but special- ordered the size I needed. And I tell ya, they do not make you more warm! Do you think elk peel off their skin in the summer? Nope! :) Keeps 'em warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The last time I wore blue jeans (they were a darker blue) on a ride w/out my chinks- my legs got SUPER hot because the dark denim just soaks up the sun. The butter yellow chinks absorb no sunlight. I tell ya, it works for me!!
Hope to ride again soon!

Crystal said...

Looks like a fun but very busy time you been having!

CTG Ponies said...

Wow, you have been busy! Congrats to Darling and Steve Holt! on their ribbons. I need to get out on the trails more...

Lea and her Mustangs said...

I got my chinks from Indiana Harness in Spokane. They are not elk hide though, just plain old cow leather. Love them. Wish we were close enough to ride.

FZA said...

Love the update and the pictures!

I'd love to hear how Sandy and Tika are doing these days also!

How old is the paint mare? She's very sweet looking.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oooh! That pinto is gorgeous! She reminds me so much of my dear Apache, even the way she looks at the camera, sort of sideways.
Apache was also neglected and abused, but she has a heart of gold and is very forgiving. She gave me a chance and for that I'm grateful and always want to do right by her.

Lucky you guy for living close enough to be able to ride with the PG sisters. How fun!