Monday, August 2, 2010

Brown Ear Tips


Maybe they wouldn't want him. Maybe...maybe they'd decide they couldn't afford another mouth to feed, or that he wasn't a good match.


I wasn't paying much attention to the trail. My body was twisted around, reins dropped over the saddle horn, camera in one hand and long rope in the other as I tried to get photos of little Nic, the QH colt that was obediently following behind Sandy.


Oh...who was I kidding? Who on earth wouldn't want him? He's beautiful... handsome... rugged... athletic... Not to mention cute. A cuddle bug when you needed a hug. But manly enough to win over City Boy.


Little Nic's rope tugged in my hand. It'd gone slack up the last hill and now he'd stepped over the top of it. I stopped Sandy and swung the rope a bit; the colt moved his feet and the rope was free and off we went again, down the trail.


I looked down at my reins. Maybe they wouldn't want him... I knew that wasn't a possibility. They were coming by that evening for a visit. And a ride. They wanted to know what it would look like, viewing the world through those brown ear tips...



Tracey said...

To be continued...

Paint Girl said...

Oh no! Are you thinking of selling Sandy? No way!
Nic is an awfully cute little booger!! Love that color!
Can't wait to hear the ending of this story! The suspense is killing me!

Kyle said...

Aww I kinda wanna cry now for some reason, its really beautiful and sad.

Jeni said...

Oh No Tracey !! =(

Shirley said...

Not Sandy. They won't want him. They don't want a plain bay horse. They don't want a cutting horse. They don't want a well broke quiet gelding. Nope. Sandy stays.

Val said...

Who on earth wouldn't want Sandy? He is an absolute angel pony :)