Friday, August 13, 2010

Fair Time!

Wow...not only have I been swamped trying to get the Cascade Horse Fair up and running, but now I'm looking at the calendar and seeing that I need to haul horses up to the Northwest WA Fair in just a couple more days! Darling and I went up yesterday to set up panels and found we were in a slightly new location than the past two years. A better location, with greater visibility! But it's a funny shape, and I don't know how I'm going to get 4 pens together for the horses. Guess we'd better figure that out, eh?


Duns, of course, will be there to meet and greet the public. He's a bit ticklish under his belly, which will make life interesting when trying to saddle him up, but that's the goal for this next week; get the boy saddled so that he can be started sooner, rather than later. He's also struggling with picking up feet, so that's another issue I'll be tackling with him while there.


Darling will have Beamer on hand, of course, trying to catch the eye of some potential adopters. I hauled the kiddo and her pony out back to snap some photos the other day. In a dress, of course!


Working on the vintage look and feel. Darling was not feeling like posing. Here is her vintage backside.


I dunno...what do you think?


I'm pretty sure I know what Darling is beginning to think!

For those of you who live in the northwest and would like to come hang out at the fair with me, I've got tickets! Only catch is you need to schmooze with the public and talk mustang with strangers. And, of course, tolerate me. Come can do it!


gtyyup said...

I love all of the photos...but my fav is the one you've used as a poster.

Good luck at the fair...hope you find some adopters for your worthy mustangs!! word verification is "unmart"...guess that's the opposite of WalMart.

ellie k said...

What a pretty young lady you have. The horses look good too but she outshines them in the pics.

Tracey said...

Karen, that's funny! I had one this morning, too...should have written it down. Sometimes I think we need to use the word verifications as names for our horses :) Or maybe it can be the theme for a litter of pups, eh?

Thank you, Ellie. How kind of you to say.

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures! Good luck with finding some quality adopters.

CTG Ponies said...

Wish I was closer - I'd keep you company and talk horses all day! Love the pics.

JennyB said...

I'd come visit if only I lived closer too! Best of luck on finding some adopters!

Lea and her Mustangs said...

Great pictures Tracey, wish it was the week end I will be at Nikki's but its not.

Shirley said...

I'll be up in the mountains that weekend, maybe next year! Love the last photo of your daughter. What did you name the mama?

Tina said...

Hmm let me ponder on that question for all of one second... I think she is beginning to feel that Blue Moon shouldn't be going to any adoptions. :) Can't blame her one bit!

Leah Fry said...

Lots of success finding adoptive homes!!