Thursday, August 5, 2010

Um...Where's the Brand?

Several months, maybe in February when Dwe went to Burns for Color friend Debbie told me about a yearling colt she had that she wanted to get rid of. "Take him, he's yours!"

Debbie raises foundation quarter horses, and some very well bred ones I must admit. But this colt and she did not get along. He was jumpy and fidgety and a buckskin. And to hear Debbie tell it, there's never been a buckskin she can get along with. Put a stripe down it's back and call it a dun? Yes, she'll say, he can stay. No stripe and it's B'Bye.


I, naturally, resisted. Where was the brand? What fun could I have with a little domestic? Where was the challenge in that?

Of course, there was the small fact that he'd reared and struck out at her in his stall one day, clipping her hand and causing a great deal of bruising and swelling...which was followed by an immediate swing around and kicking out at her. That was kind of wild. And the fact that he didn't want to be caught when he was out in the round pen. That, too, seemed somewhat familiar to me.

And his breeding? Well, for those of you into this sort of about a grandson of Buckaroo Bueno Chex on the bottom and Beuno Starlight by Grays Starlight on top? Yup, I'd say he's pretty well bred. I sent a copy of his pedigree down to Curt, who immediately (and so predictably) told me this was one well bred little cow horse, and if I could I should take a chance on him.


But...what about the brand? I swore I'd never own anything but mustangs again...why would I take on such a cute little rascal as this? I'd need to get some fabric paint and paint something on the side of his neck.

Funny thing is, I was leading him along one day when someone looked at him and made a snide little 'mule' remark. I had to chuckle. She thought he was a mustang, and felt compelled to throw a little dig in without even taking a closer look. Or perhaps I should take it as a compliment, that she couldn't tell the difference? My mustangs obviously look like well bred quarter horses!


Well, despite his inferiority and lack of brand, City Boy thought he was kind of cute and gave his approval. Nic is my token quarter horse. He's turned into an absolute pussy cat, though, so I may have to sell him before long and find myself something with a little more spunk!


Crystal said...

aww he is cute, and thats too funny what others say when they are assuming they know something. Do you correct them, or just have a laugh?

Tracey said...

I just laugh...silly morons. LOL!

Breathe said...

Mustang in his heart? That's got to count. :)

Donna Gunn said...

Isn't it funny how horses can pick up on our feeling about them and react accordingly. He's lucky your friend realized her prejudices and convinced you to take him.

I'm new to your blog and it is awesome to see what you are doing with the Mustangs and Nic. In the near future I hope to follow in your footsteps and train my own Mustang.

Tracey said...

Breathe, he will most certainly be, now that he's living amongst the wild things, lol...

Donna, thanks for the comment and glad you're enjoying it here! I tend to post the good, the bad and the ugly...nothing gets hidden, even when I'm stupid =) I figure someone may learn from my mistakes, right?

Nic did start coming around while at Debbie's place once he was being handled a bit more, but what a little punk! He is a cute little thing, though, isn't he?

Judy said...

How wonderful that you took a chance on him, he is just beautiful!

Shirley said...

Pretty nice colt, and he should be a cow-eating athlete with those bloodlines! You can always register your own brand, you know!

Becky said...

I looked at the photos of Nic where you are leading him behind Sandy, and unless I'm really going blind, I swear I see a dorsal stripe there. Am I going crazy?
If that's true, does that mean you have a dunskin? And if you combine it with the silvery skunk mane, does that make a silver dunskin?

I get REALLY confused.

If you figure it out, let me know, cuz then I'll know what color my friend's filly is!

Meanwhile... what a cutie! Congratulations!!! I've got a friend who based his breeding program off of a Bueno Chex son(Bueno Sky, now passed), and those horses are COW-EATING MACHINES from the time they hit the ground. It's crazy to watch them as babies... it's like they were born knowing what to do, and the only training they need is to learn how to back off. I'd wait on replacing him until you get some time in front of a cow-- your pussycat may just turn into a beef-eating tiger :)

Tracey said...

You'd think he'd be a cow eating machine...but we're a little embarrassed to say that he thinks the cows are going to eat him instead. Went through 2 fences before I got him, and down at Curt's he nearly went over backward in an attempt to flee as I led him past. Silly quarter horse.

Becky, it does look like a line down his back...which it is, but it's equispot, lol! The dirt sort of clung to it and created a line.

Shirley, good idea...and I'll put it on his neck so he doesn't feel left out. Though as Debbie pointed out, he's so light that a freeze brand wouldn't likely show up anyway.

Mikey said...

He is adorable AND well bred. Forget the brand, scoop this kid up!! I'm with Shirley too, put your own brand on him. He's going to be a real looker!

Leah Fry said...

Very cute little guy. I know I'm preaching to the choir, but be careful. Gotta be a bit wary of one that rears and strikes like that without provocation. Maybe he's one of those whose main M.O. is fear but wants to intimidate you into thinking he's all big and bad.

I look forward to reading about Nic's progress.

WV = manes
Of course it is!

Tracey said...

Undoubtedly a dangerous thing, Leah, I agree! But he's a completely different horse at this point. No clue why, but he's Mr. Cuddle Me pony. Not a single aggressive hair on his body. I think he was just feeling his oats and playing like a colt, and Debbie didn't want to deal with him =)

Pony Girl said...

Well he is pretty darn cute, brand or no brand! ;) Had to laugh at your comment about him fleeing from cows, LOL! Excited to see how this guy matures!