Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What's That Bright Thing In the Sky?


It's been such a wet, dark and dreary spring that I'd almost forgotten what sunshine looked like. There is a saying here in the northwest that summer doesn't begin until the fifth of July. Looks like this year, it's the sixth, as temps move from the 50's to the 80's almost overnight!


I gotta share this with you...Cowgirl Candy! She's one of the Cascade Horse Fair sponsors. Cute stuff and loads of bling...like this headstall!


Okay, so I'm down at the cutting a couple weekends ago and Curt says, "We got an idea for your event."

"Great," I say...full of curiosity.

"How about a Hydra Bull cutting? We'll have a novice class, and an open class. Get a few bulls there, they draw their driver and cut their bull from the 'herd', just like a real cutting."

Got a mental image of this? I'm so in...


Blob said...

I thought of you over the weekend.

I saw the PBS Nature special "Horse & Rider" and one of the riders featured was a cutting rider and trainer. It was pretty cool to watch her in competition and get a better feel for what cutting is all about. But I have to say, an hour later and I still don't really understand how it's scored or the real mechanics behind it.

Can't wait to hear about the hydra-tournament!

Shirley said...

When? Maybe I can come down then!

Leah Fry said...

Sounds funny to me. I want to drive!

Tracey said...

Sept 25-26, Shirley...come!

Blob, I don't understand a lot of it yet, either. Some of it has to do with how quietly you keep your herd as you enter, or how you cut your one cow out. And you can't pick up the reins once your horse is locked onto a cow or you lose points...and so on and so on and so on...

Leah, maybe we need to have a bull driving class?

Paint Girl said...

I am so loving that headstall! Does it come with pink crystals? Gotta have one!!
We have to hit the trails soon! I have been so busy with horse shows, but they are going to wind down here for a bit, finally! My sister and I are talking about going in a couple weeks, I will shoot you an email with the date. I have to work it all out with an arena sand delivery, yes, I am finally getting sand in my arena!
I would love to chase a hydra bull, but don't think my horses would chase one, they would definitely run from one though!

Tracey said...

Paint, yes, we need to ride! I was thinking that myself the other day. Definitely let me know when you can go!

And I'm certain you've got at least one horse who'd be able to chase a bull...her name is Chance! Next year, perhaps?

Tina said...

Sounds like great fun! Wish we had fun stuff like that down our way! The local team penning society is getting bigger. Might have to give that a go instead.

Rising Rainbow said...

Sounds like it would be a fun event. Driving a bull sounds like fun too.

gtyyup said...

Oh...Oh...Oh...YES...I wanna do the hydra bull cutting!!!