Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Girls in Dresses

Or, more specifically, Darling in a dress...again. I wish I looked this good in a dress...let alone while riding a horse!





"I feel like a little girl, running away from home on one of my family's horses. A big Thoroughbred horse...because we own a farm and raise race horses..."

Hmmm...sounds like a Hallmark movie. But Darling? Let's change the TB to a mustang. Then again, we could have a mustang play the part of a TB...wouldn't that send a tremor through the racing world?


nikki said...


Jeni said...

Look at the muscles on that Mustang!!! A TB could only dream of looking so good!

Darling is beautiful too

colleen said...

I so love checking out your pictures. How lucky you all are to share you life with such amazing animals.

Shirley said...

I hope Mikey's daughter Mercy sees this post, it isn't only little girls that ride in dresses!Lovely photos!

Leah Fry said...

I'm with you: wish I looked that good in a dress, much less in a dress on a horse. At my age, it would not be pretty.

Karen C. said...

I have always loved dresses on horses pictures, and yours are the cream of the crop! Beautiful and inspiring!

Crystal said...

I always wanted to ride in a dress, now I might have to try one day, she is beautiful