Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Another Lesson Learned


I'm sitting here waiting MOST impatiently for my video to upload.


Why is it taking so long?


I swear it was quicker to drive down, ride, and come home that it is to load that video!
Which leaves me with even more time to ask myself...

Why did I invite other people to come down with me when I ride?
Their horses are starting to look better than mine!

Take, for instance, Bess. This was her first time working the bull, and her horse was stopping and turning on it's own, I swear!

And I've got to say this was the biggest lesson learned this past week...

Don't invite your friends. They may show you up!

I thought maybe I'd make myself look a little better in video. But then YT disabled my music. I looked better when my ears were distracted by Dwight Yokum. Sigh...such is life!


Shirley said...

Now don't you be dissin' Sandy, let alone yourself! That looked good- now you need to cut real cows. You look ready to me!

Pony Girl said...

Wow, looks great to me!! I'm really impressed! I wish My Boy wasn't so old and arthritic, or I'd try something like that with him! ;) Maybe Paint Girl can do it with her little Chance.
Your photos in the last few posts are really fantastic!!

Paint Girl said...

Lookin' good! I would love to try that someday, I am hoping my lil' Mustang will be up to the challenge in a couple years!

Tracey said...

Ah...y'all are too kind! Yes, I'm very pleased with our ride the other day, as was Curt. He's starting to brag on 'that little mustang' to folks! I'm loving it, of course!

Paint, Chance will be great at it. You should come up someday and watch. Katie's starting to think she needs to keep Beamer and get her going on cows next year :)

Rising Rainbow said...

Some friends if they're out there showing you up on their first outing. Don't they know anything about what it takes to be invited back? LOL