Monday, July 5, 2010

Baby, I Love You

Er...maybe not so much?

Bad Pony!


aurora said...

Great video's Tracey! What software do you use to edit them? You do a really nice job matching movement to well chosen music.

Glad Darlings okay, something must of really spooked her pony.

Tracey said...

I don't do the videos, for the most part. Darling sets up her camera, videos herself, then comes home and edits. She uses Sony Vegas.

Steve Holt! was being an absolute turd. Never has he bucked like that! She was so disappointed he wasn't directly in front of the camera, silly girl! But at least she grabbed her helmet and climbed back on and worked his little touche. I don't think he was spooked so much as just feeling way too good about himself :)

froglander said...

Yeah, that didn't look like a spooky buck, that looked like a turd pony buck! Glad she was okay and got back on and worked him hard!

jane augenstein said...

Whoa!! What was some buck and roll he did, thank goodness Darling is OK and got back up on him. If I had come off a buck like that I would still be laying there trying to figure out if everything was still working.....on me that is!
Yep, right that is a turd pony acting up for sure!!! :-)
Horses are unpredictable, that's for sure!

Breathe said...

Whoo hoo! If only she'd been able to stop him on one buck, she'd have stayed on!

Tell her I am sending her a virtual Bucker Buckle. :)

Shirley said...

They do try it, don't they! Bad boy- no more oats for him! Glad your daughter is okay, she's a trooper.

CTG Ponies said...

Holy cow, he can buck! Hope she's ok. Probably more mad than anything else.