Monday, April 13, 2009

Wild Babies & Steve Holt! on the Mend

Okay, maybe not too wild. I'm told the photographer had to fight them off in order to get them in focus! But these are a few of the yearlings that have been set aside for the YAY program. They'll be up at the Arlington adoption on April 25 where the kids will find out which one they get to take home.

Currently we've only got 8 kids enrolled in the program, so there may be a couple of yearlings left over for adoption! Y'all better come on out and say hello to me and bring home a mustang. You will not be sorry!

Some lucky kid is gonna get this cutie!

In other news...Steve Holt! got out for the first time today. I hauled him to the arena where I turned him loose to play...first time ever since bringing him home in December! Man, did he have fun, and not one cough! He ran full out several times around, with only a brief slow down as he passed himself in the mirror (one simply must get a good look at one's handsome self, you know!) He's on his way to mended, finally. I'll start getting him out on a daily basis to play and by next week hopefully we'll be ready to mount up and ride again. That ought to be fun after a month off!


Linda said...

OH sweet, they look so little. I don't remember Beautiful being that small last year--May--at adoption, but maybe she was.

Tracey said...

LOL...yeah, she was! Hard to remember once they grow, isn't it?

Jessie said...

I am glad to hear Steve Holt! is getting better. He'll be able to chase cows in no time.

Thanks again for the kind thoughts and prayers.

Katee said...

So happy to hear that Steve Holt! is feeling healthier. I love hearing that he is running laps and not coughing.