Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Welcome to Club Dirt, Darling!

Yesterday marked the first day back to school after spring break as well as Darling's first jump off the school bus at the barn where Sandy is currently residing. What a feeling of freedom that must have been! No mettling mother to tell her what to do or how to do it...just a girl and her horse.

As planned, she called the moment she arrived at the barn to let me know she was there. 30 minutes later she called again to tell me she'd forgotten her camera, and could I bring it?

I arrived to find waiting at the gate for me. "I got bucked off and didn't have my camera to video it!" she said in a disgruntled voice.


Shame on Sandy! Seems he got a little playful with the wind blowing about and I'm sure it didn't help that he'd had a fast paced workout on Saturday followed by Sunday off. Thankfully Darling wasn't hurt...at least not much. She'd landed on her hand, which felt sore, but other than that she was fine. Not catching it on video was more upsetting than coming off, it seems. Kids.

I climbed on just to put him through his paces. He'd felt frisky at the lope with Darling, and I could feel him thinking it through while I was up there as well. Once he'd been made to behave, Darling climbed back on and cantered off without any problem. Hopefully this is a one time thing as she'd wanted to haul him to a show this weekend. She doesn't appear to be phased...just me!

I'm trying to be more like Darling. Not only in bravery, but in my video editing skills. I'm not there just yet but did put this together from Saturday's cow day.


froglander said...

Hate it when that dirt comes up to greet you!

I am still trying to get one afternoon off during the week if she'd be at all interested in help with jumping, etc still (unless she has help already?). What time does she get to the barn? And what day did you say would be best?

Pony Girl said...

I'm glad she was okay! At least she was wearing her helmet (I'm assuming, because she has it on in all the photos and videos of her rides, good for her! :) That is funny she was more upset about missing the moment on camera then getting bucked off!
Those teens can sure bounce back, though. I don't think I'd be as willing to hop back on and canter off, LOL!

Angie at Free Rein said...

Glad she wasn't hurt. I vaguely remember enjoying a good buck or two. Oh to be young!

Christa said...

Welcome to Club Dirt Darling! I too am glad she was not hurt and got right back on :o)

Loved the video...your not so bad at creating them :o)

Katee said...

I'm glad she wasn't hurt and happy that she was (probably) wearing her helmet.

Dirt Dives never bothered me until the first time I actually injured myself in a fall. Once I learned that I was breakable, I started looking at horses in a whole new way.

I hope Sandy doesn't make a habit of this and that the show goes well this weekend.

Linda said...

Good for her, getting back on. That's the real test of love--those who get back on are in it for life. :)