Sunday, April 26, 2009

Be Still on Sunday...

This weekend was great! Although my back probably has other words to describe it's experience. I started out feeling pretty loose in the area of my tender ribs; I was able to walk and get around fairly easily; rest periods now and then during the day helped greatly. Friday night Darling and I stayed with our friends, Steve and Janice, who's property borders the Black Raven facility. A nice little walk across the fields was all it took to get there.

Once there, however, something happened. I'd been sitting in their big, overstuffed easy chair and somehow was lulled into believing I was healed. No pain at all, when something caught our attention outside the window and I sat forward and turned to look. POP! No clue what I did, but something in my back snapped loud and hard, and from that point forward things got a bit more difficult. Darling had to help me get my boots on in the morning..."You're not my're just some creepy old woman who's latched on to me" I heard her muttering from beneath me as I instructed her to make certain my pant legs were on the outside of my boots. Good thing I had her with me or I'd have been in a world of trouble. Wouldn't want my pant legs all bunched up around my calves, after all!

Put together by a committee

Lea cracked me up when she said this little roan mare was put together by a committee. She surely wasn't the prettiest girl on the block, that's for sure. But according to Wendy, one of the Burns wranglers, she was one of the sweetest. Bred, too, from what we surmised. No one was in the market for a long backed two for one deal, however, and the little roan, along with the others in this pen, are now being shipped back to the corrals.

There were definitely prettier horses to be had, although only 5 found homes. One was this lovely pinto pony. Four years old, not only did she have color, but she had a nice body as well. The darling little blond alongside her, however, was passed by and is also now on the truck with one strike against her.

Darling ended up bringing two fillies home for the YAY program. I'll post more on them later as I'm needing to get out and feed the horses. But first, here are the Sunday Stills...Barns! This particular barn was built by my great grandfather and housed Peter's Dairy for a number of years.

Looking up to the tiny windows at the top

A dark little doorway

My cousin Tim still keeps an occasional beef cow here.

Darling climbs the loft that her great, great grandfather built nearly 100 years before.

Okay...I'm going to go feed now. And after that, I'm going to try to stay still this Sunday. Y'all have a good day!


Mrs Mom said...

Take care Tracey- and see your chiro!

Love the history behind the barn. Those old barns always amaze me, and a lot of times I wish they could talk.

*sigh* if we only had a ton of room and resources here... I'd love to have a couple of those babies that got shipped back to the lot.

froglander said...

Wish I could have stayed to see who all got adopted. But by the time we made it up to Laurel it was bout 5:30 and they close at 6:00, but Cody now has 20 bales of grass/alfalfa mix that should keep him full for a few months at least.

Did Dude or Flicka get adopted? What about that sorrel gelding with the tall white socks? Or the grulla gelding with the stripe on his face? Or the tall sorrel filly, but I think she was in the pen you said all went back :(

Although, my mom has now said that if I were to take the second horse with me when I left, she wouldn't mind having one, lol.

I hope your back is feeling better!

Pony Girl said...

Tracey did you go to the doctor about your back? I hope it's on the mend soon!
So when those Mustangs go "back to the lot", where are they going? How many were there total (before the 5 were adopted.)
Your barn pictures were great....what a neat history!

Tracey said...

I must not have mentioned that I went to the ER for xrays the other night, or did I? So yes, I've been checked out and have an appt this week with my doc.

Frog, Dude came home, so $25 and he's your mom's new pony! Flicka found a home; Debbie's friend took her.

Mom, wish you had tons of resources, too!

PG, there were 18 brought up, 13 went back to Burns to the wild horse corrals. There were also 12 yearlings brought for the YAY program; one of those went back. Glad you like the barn pics!

Ed said...

Too col, I love exploring old barns..:-)

Andrea said...

Great shots!! Love the perspective on that first one of the barn. Hope your back is feeling better soon. :)

Lea and her Mustangs said...

Tracey - you looked miserable. That little roan mare had a sweet face for sure, just her middle that was sooooo long. I wanted that little blonde filly bad, I think she would have fit in the back seat of the Kia but Bob wouldn't let me. I am still thinking of calling Tom and the office and send a check for her and have them bring her to Longview. Get well my friend.

dibear said...

Love the old family barn, nice pictures, and I loved seeing the beautiful horses as well.

CTG Ponies said...

First off, take care of yourself!

I think it's awesome that Darling can capture some family history by spending time in the barn.

Jenn, Mary, and Becky said...

Do you remember the numbers on any of the horses that "went back"? my mom and I were looking at them and there are a few that we might be interested in. these are the colors that need to be out here in California! :)